10 Outdoor Activities for the Whole Family

Is your family tired of being cooped up together? Nothing beats pandemic stress like getting outdoors and trying these 10 Outdoor Activities for the Whole Family.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s warm and sunny or cloudy with a foot of snow. Opportunities for family fun exist in all seasons.

Get some fresh air, and things won’t seem so difficult. Here are are six great outdoor activities for the whole family:

"Let's Go Fly a Kite" When was the last time you flew a Kite? I can't remember so shame on me. I do remember complaining to my Dad that "there's nothing to do".

Go Fly a Kite

There’s nothing quite like the joy of letting out a little line as your kite goes aloft.

If you don’t have a kite, they’re easy to make at home with a couple of sticks and a garbage bag.

Just remember to pick a spot free of overhead lines and trees.

Blow Some Bubbles

Bubbles are almost as fun for adults as they are for kids.

Make the soapy mixture with nothing more than a few drops of dish soap and a pan of water.

Create a wand out of a bent coat hanger.

Who can blow the biggest bubbles?

Experiment with different wand shapes and motions to find out.

Let the dog out and watch him chase your creations.

mother and son on paddle board is one of 10 Outdoor Activities for the Whole Family

Get in (or on) the Water

What could be better than an afternoon at the lake? Ponds, lakes, rivers, oceans, and even your backyard kiddie pool are great places to unwind.

Teach your kids how to swim, or inflate innertubes for a lazy family float.

For a little more action, try an inflatable paddle board.

They’re as easy to store as those dollar-store rafts but a lot more fun.

Hook Up the Hose

If you don’t have access to a body of water, hook up the hose.

A water balloon battle, a slip and slide or just running through the sprinkler can cool down a hot day.

Plus, if you get muddy, you can just hose each other off.

Have a Yard Party

Who needs a park when you can throw a party in your own backyard?

Red Rover; hide and seek; and Simon Says can be played with no equipment.

Horseshoes, cornhole, washers, bocce, and badminton require a little more gear.

Other light-gear options include frisbee, basketball, wiffle ball, and soccer.

Looking for something out of the ordinary?

Take a trip back to the 17th century with a competitive croquet match.

If you’re a little hesitant to hand your kids a wooden mallet, opt for lawn bowling instead.

Play in the Snow

A few inches of snow on the ground?

A thick layer of ice on the pond?

Winter is no time to hunker down inside.

Build a snowman.

Construct a fort, and stock up on snowballs for an epic battle.

No skates?

Ice is slick whether you’re on blades or not, so slide away.

Go Wild

Need a retreat into nature?

Plan a family hike.

Chances are, there are trails within a few miles of your house.

If your family has more time on its hands, take a trip to a national park.

Nothing soothes the soul like some time in the mountains.

Grow Your Green Thumb

If your family has never grown a garden together, give it a shot.

Raised beds or berms in the back yard make starting one easy.

And if you don’t have a yard, put some pots on the patio and plant away.

You’ll enjoy the produce you grow together more than anything you could buy at the grocery store.

Take the Inside, Out

If your family is into board, card, or dice games, there’s no rule stating they can only be played inside.

You and your kids can spend hours playing Monopoly, Yahtzee, and Old Maid, and never be Sorry.

Charades, I Spy, and Hide the Thimble work just as well on the patio as in the living room.

Dine Al Fresco

Pack up your baloney sandwich, chicken nuggets, or PB&J, and head out to the porch or backyard for a picnic.

A picnic table might be the perfect pandemic purchase, if you don’t already have one.

Once you start the habit of sitting outside for coffee, snacks and meals, you’ll find it hard to break.

Everything just tastes better outside.

And there’s no need to sweep up crumbs when the birds and bugs are more than happy to take care of them for you.

For families pushed to the brink by too much togetherness, the great outdoors offers tons of fun.

Most outdoor activities will get your blood moving and muscles working.

But even while playing a sedentary game of Hangman, you could be soaking up a healthy dose of Vitamin D.

Remember, a lot of things you do inside can also be done outside, as long as you don’t disturb the neighbors.

So, put down the gaming console and back away.

You’ll be glad you did.

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