Family Time at Bear Lake

Bear Lake, UT is an awesome family destination – we love it!Bear Lake, UT is an awesome family destination - we love it!

When it comes to spending time together as a family, we love an adventure.

A recent location that my family has fallen in love with is known as Bear Lake.

If you aren’t sure of where Bear Lake is, it’s centrally located between Salt Lake City, UT, Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park, & Jackson, WY.

Check out some of the awesome things we love about Bear Lake!

Blue water: Our family has been to several beaches across North America, but one that sticks out to us the most is the turquoise water at Bear Lake. Bear Lake is actually 20 miles long and 8 miles across.

Is there anything more beautiful than looking at crystal clear water?

I think not!

Family friendly destination: Something we’ve noticed about Family Time at Bear Lake is that it’s a very family-friendly destination.

You can stay in a cabin or lodge that is super family friendly.

There are also spots on Bear Lake with shallow water, which is an excellent choice for families.  

bear lake trails

So much outdoor adventure: Bear Lake has so much to offer those who love to be outside.

There are Bear Lake Water Sports available.

You may also find yourself renting jet skis, paddleboards, kayaks, and even going on guided horseback rides.

Plenty of trails to experience:

You can also take advantage of the many walking trails available at Bear Lake.

Hike for hours if you wanted to.

Hiking, together as a family, is a smart move with your walking sticks whenever you’re at Bear Lake. 

If you do some climbing don’t forget to bring your hammock carabiner so you can get some rest.

Glamping: If you’ve never been glamping it’s an experience you don’t want to forget. 

Glamping is just a few step ups from camping.

For those of you who don’t want to go all out with camping, glamping is a great way to go!

Families love this sort of thing, especially if you have little ones or kids who don’t like being outdoors.

Camping: Go back to the good old days of camping, you can still do this at Bear Lake. 

It’s amazing!

Grab a tent, your best camping blanket and camp on the breathtakingly gorgeous landscape.

Camping is an awesome way to bond with your family.

Plus, since camping isn’t an everyday thing, your kids will love it! 

Great for fishing: Our family loves to do a little fishing here and there, which is why Bear Lake is the perfect destination for families.

Try activities you otherwise wouldn’t get to!

Bear Lake is big enough that the whole family can get involved in fishing without it seeming like a hassle. 

Great stopping point: A lot of people we know use Bear Lake as a stopping point to their main destination.

It is a popular stop on the road to Yellowstone (Bear Lake is halfway between SLC, UT and Yellowstone Nat’l Park).

Take a look at this video to see it all! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a destination have so much awesomeness to offer.

Keep in mind that Bear Lake is right on the Idaho-Utah border (in Rich County, UT), so it’s super easy to find.

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