10 Ways To Use Coffee Filters Besides The Obvious

10 Ways To Use Coffee Filters Besides The Obvious

I learned a lot from my grandma during her 89 years with us. She was an original multipurposer.

She was forever using coffee filters for other purposes, though she also brewed four or five pots of coffee a day as well.

Here are some of my favourites I remember and still use to this day to get more out of coffee filters which are obviously not one-trick ponies.

10 Ways To Use Coffee Filters Besides The Obvious

You can use coffee filters to protect your fine china or other dishes you rarely use from scratches and nicks. Simply layer the filters in between the dishes.

You can cover your leftovers in the microwave to prevent messes. A lot of wet or saucy leftovers pop and explode with covering the top and side.

But the filter catches the mess before it hits the side of the microwave.

Rather than using paper towels, use coffee filters to clean dirty glass or plastic mirrors. They leave no streaks, lint or residue.

Got stinky shoes? Put baking soda in a coffee filter. Tie it off and place the filter ball in your shoes overnight. It will help make the smell go away.

Filter or Strainer?

Want to reuse your bacon grease in another recipe later? Strain the particles out with a coffee filter.

When you are taking close-up photos and the pop-up flash is too strong, a coffee filter can help. Hold it in front of the flash to diffuse the light and you’ll succeed in taking better photos with more natural-looking light.

Do you compost? Put a coffee filter at the bottom of you compost collection container to make clean-up a breeze.

Spring is coming. Want to get a head start on your seeds? Moisten a coffee filter, place the seeds on it and seal in a plastic bag. The seeds will quickly start turning into plants and before you know it, your plastic bag greenhouse garden will be ready for outside planting.

Can’t find your special tea diffuser for loose-leaf tea? Just put your tea in a coffee filter and tie it off tight with a string or unscented dental floss. Instant tea diffuser.

Have you ever suffered through soggy bread or bagels because you froze them? All you have to do is put a coffee filter on the bottom to absorb the moisture. After a few hours or thawing, take the filter out and let it dry. You should be able to reuse it for something else afterwards.

If you take these simple tips, you should be able to use , or in some cases reuse, a product you already have in your house and get more bang for your buck. So many ways to use coffee filters.

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