Nutella Mini Croissants

Nutella Mini Croissants


My husband is on a low-carb diet.

When he tried the Nutella mini croissants that I had made following the recipe in the soon-to-be released Nutella cookbook, he thanked me for only saving him four [because otherwise he’d have eaten a dozen].

Nutella Mini CroissantsNutella Mini Croissants

I’d say that’s pretty high praise

The book includes recipes for many temptations, such as Salted Caramel Nutella Lollies and Nutella Coulants.

But I chose Nutella Mini Croissants because it was simple enough for my kids to help with.

It sounded tasty, but let’s face it, they all sounded tasty.


Nutella Mini Croissants


Nutella Mini Croissants

I had never used puff pastry before, but it was fairly easy.

It worked better chilled. On our first attempt, the kids spread the Nutella before we cut the pastry.

The spoon went directly into my son’s mouth.

I decided not to share these with my neighbors.

I did a botched job of cutting them.

They tasted great, but they didn’t look like croissants.


Nutella Mini Croissants


The box of pastry came with two sheets, so I made a second batch.

I was thinking about one of our favorite campfire foods, canned croissants cooked on a stick and then filled with Nutella, when I realized that I should be cutting the pastry into triangles.

For kicks, I spread the Nutella after cutting this time—I think it would work just as well either way.

The triangles definitely helped me get the croissant shape. And Bam! We have Nutella Mini Croissants.

These mini-croissants would be great for a fancy brunch or tea party.

I wish we hadn’t eaten them all last night so I could have some today. :]

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