10 Decorating Ideas for Fall

10 Decorating Ideas for Fall


Decorating Ideas for Fall don’t get easier than this!

I just love Fall! The air is cooler, life seems to slow down a little bit (at least for a minute) and there is a smell of awesome in the air.

We look forward to football games, state fairs and Halloween. 

With the arrival of Fall, we know the holidays are coming soon as well.

Fall is the  coming of deep vibrant colors – browns, reds, greens, yellows, orange. 

Watching the leaves change colors is an incredibly beautiful sight. 

Fall meaning –  “fall of the leaves”

Harvest – “gathering of crops”

We think of bales of hay, corn stalks, pumpkins, gourds, apples,

Fall decorating for Halloween and Thanksgiving

It’s time to start thinking about decorating.

To get you in the mood, I have compiled a list of 10 Decorating Ideas for Fall. 

These ideas are sure to get your creative juices flowing and get you in the mood for Fall!


10 Decorating Ideas for Fall

Autumn Owl Wreath

This is a colorful fall themed wreath of the owl with a combination of the glorious fall colors. 

An 8 inch grapevine wreath is used to make this stunning wreath.

Various fabric flowers are made, using felt, burlap.

The Beak is made using a wooden heart.


Leaves Mason Jar Candle

Who would have ever thought of using mason jars for anything but preserving.  

There are so many clever people with awesome ideas.

Sometimes the easiest and simplest crafts are the most beautiful.

Fall leaves:  Color Explosion

Why leaves change color:  the chlorophyll in the leaf breaks down and the green color disappears and the yellow pigments(xanthopylls),  orange pigments(carotenoids), red pigments(anthocyanin) appear.


10 Decorating Ideas for Fall

Photo Credit: Home Bunch

Painted Mason Jars

There are many different sizes of mason jars available now.

You can use different sizes to have a staggering effect or all the same size, choose whatever your preference.

If you can find plain mason jars, they work the best.

Acrylic paint is used to paint mason jars, matte finish is the best and the paint is water based and quick drying.

Mod lodge is a crafter favorite, it glues, seals and finishes. 

Wonderful product used to attach paper and fabric. 

Goes on white and dries clear. 


10 Decorating Ideas for Fall

Photo Credit: Trendir.com

Terracotta Scarecrow

This is a adorably cute craft.  

This would be a great craft to make with kids. 

Make sure you Drill the holes in the pots ahead of time to save time and we don’t want kids to be using a drill.


10 Decorating Ideas for Fall

Photo Credit: nifymag


Happy Fall Y’all Burlap Door Hanger


10 Decorating Ideas for Fall

Photo Credit: Etsy.com (No Longer Available)

Toilet Paper Pumpkin Decoration

This is a beautiful craft that doesn’t require much cutting, and no glue required (no mess). 

This is an easy and simple craft to do with kids. 


10 Decorating Ideas for Fall

Photo Credit: Cranial Hiccups

Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin

The www.TheCountryCook.net explanation and directions to making this craft are amazing. 

Click on picture to direct you to this wonderful website of great photos and directions for some outstanding craft ideas.


10 Decorating Ideas for Fall

Photo Credit: The Country Cook

Fall Door Decor

This is a “made for you” craft that you can find here at Bless Her Heart Designs


Glitter Monogrammed Pumpkin

This is a beautiful craft which can be an awesome centerpiece to your autumn table. 

A Silhouette Machine is required. Check out this link for info on the machine – Silhouette .

It can be stored away for repeat use as the pumpkin is a white craft pumpkin not a real one. (so it will not rot)


10 Decorating Ideas for Fall

Photo Credit: Unoriginal Mom

Decorating Ideas for Fall Centerpiece

This is far by the most inexpensive craft on this page and can be used on your autumn thanksgiving table, coffee table, fireplace mantel, etc.

All the component items can be bought at a dollar store.


What was your favorite?

Did you get any inspiration?

I’d love to hear your ideas for Fall decorating!


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