10 Toddler Issues and How to Sort Them Out


Any parent will be able to tell you that there were stages in their kids’ lives that were easier than others and had to deal with these 10 Toddler Issues and How to Sort Them Out.

The toddler years, for most parents, would never fit into the easier stage category.

For most parents, the toddler years are a nightmare and rightly so.

When most kids hit that age, it is as if a switch in their minds go off and all hell breaks loose.

They develop a will and a voice of their own and they feel the need to exercise that will regardless of what their parents say or do.

The bright side is that these issues can be sorted out.

Here is a list of ten of the most common toddler problems and how to fix them.


10 Toddler Issues and How to Sort Them Out

  1. Whining

When you are that small, you still need to figure stuff out and trial and error is one of the best ways.

One thing that toddlers catch up in really quickly is that when they whine, they get attention.

Nipping this one in the bud is simpler than you might think.

Kids don’t instinctively know that they are whining, so you need to point it out to them.

Don’t mock them as you mimic them, merely show them how you experience whining and sooner rather than later, they will develop more appropriate communication skills.


Aggressive boy which is one of 10 Toddler Issues and How to Sort Them Out


  1. Aggressive behavior

Toddlers become more aware of their emotions, but they lack the control of an adult and when things don’t go their way, they will behave aggressively.

Nadine Block, founder of the Center for Effective Discipline in Columbus, Ohio, mentions that this is perfectly normal behavior.

She talks strictly against spanking or scolding the kids.

The trick is to catch them in the act and then teach them how to control their impulses.

They don’t know that their fits of rage is inappropriate, so you need to show them and teach them how to act in certain situations.


  1. Throwing things around

As adults, we often forget that everything that a toddler experiences is new.

We have already learned how gravity works and throwing stuff is not necessarily something you would consider a skill, but for a toddler, a whole new world of possibilities opens up.

They learn physics and biology at the same time.

Their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills develop and they feel the need to explore.

It might drive you mad, but instead of damning the throwing, rather let them know what is allowed to be thrown.


  1. Interrupting

Toddlers don’t have impulse control and they don’t have the social skills to navigate a conversation just yet.

When they have something to say, they don’t know the sequence of communication.

Toddlers will speak their mind and won’t know that there is something wrong.

It might take some time, and plenty of patience, but you need to develop polite behavior.

You can always make a rule that only you know about, like when they see you talking to someone and want to say something, they should put a hand on your leg.

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Boy having a temper tantrum is one of 10 Toddler Issues and How to Sort Them Out

  1. Tantrums

It is never a pretty sight and parents are often left with red faces when their children decide to throw a tantrum.

The biggest problem with tantrums is frustration.

Although your toddler is beginning to understand more of the words that they are using, their ability to reproduce and get the message across is not at the same level.

There are many things that you can do to minimize the tantrums, but the number one rule is to remain calm and realize that you are the adult.


  1. Lying

The one thing that most toddlers have in common is a good imagination.

For some, reality and fantasy are inseparable and the tall tales they tell is just a manifestation of that inability to distinguish between the two.

Your first instinct is to tell them that they are telling fibs, but you need to let them live it out.

Rather create an environment of trust and safety and they will come to tell you the truth sooner than later.

The one thing that you want to avoid is to be antagonistic.


  1. Tattling

This is one of the most frustrating traits of toddlers.

They love being a tattletale and will continue to do so if you don’t approach it right.

They tattle on one another for various reasons, which include building self-esteem and gaining favor.

You can be proud of them for knowing what’s right and wrong, but this also gives you the opportunity to teach them to fight their own battles.

Keep a watchful eye though, as they also need guidance on how they resolve the issue.


  1. Running away

Just when you think you have all your toddler issues sorted out the next one pops up.

When your little one discovers the art of running, he or she becomes enthralled by the newfound freedom that they have.

When they start running, it isn’t that they want to run away from you, they just want to express their freedom.

The best thing you can do is to let them go.

Afford them the opportunity to run around and go to open areas where it is safe.


child running away is just one issue of 10 Toddler Issues and How to Sort Them Out

  1. Screaming

Toddlers are expert screamers.

They begin to realize they have a voice and will let it rip as they explore their range and effects of their screaming.

It won’t do you any good if you get involved in a screaming match with them.

That is where they learn that the loudest voice wins.

They also scream to get your attention or demand something.

The quickest way for you to get through it all is to let them know in a calm manner that screaming will not get them what they want.


  1. Teasing 

This is the school of hard knocks.

Teasing is a natural part of a growing toddler.

You can’t do much about it except teach them how to deal with it if they are teased and in the same vein, not to do it to others.

Either way, they are in for a rollercoaster of emotions.



The toddler years are tough, but you are the adult and can look for ways to guide your child. He or she has to learn a lot and the best thing that you can do is to be there and guide them. The more time you spend with your toddler, the easier it becomes to guide them.

Let us know what you think of these 10 Toddler Issues and How to Sort Them Out.

It’s OK to admit to your children that you made mistake when you yelled or sent them to their room.

AND, it’s OK to say “No” to your Kids.

Apologizing to them is setting a great example, we’re all human and make mistakes.

Letting them know we all have bad moments at times, and we have to work through them by learning how to be a calm mom.

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