Craft Stick Bird Feeder

The entire family will enjoy creating this Craft Stick Bird Feeder and watching the birds enjoy a treat.

Craft Stick Bird Feeder

My four-year-old has chores that she needs to complete every day.

These include picking up her toys and filling up the dog dish.

One of her favorite chores is filling up the craft stick bird feeder or some people call it a Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder.

We live near Bird Studies Canada and are on a bird migration route.

Many different birds stop by our house for a quick treat as they continue along their way.

We first discovered this craft idea when our kids attended Summer Camp Crafts through our Church.

I have tried purchasing many different bird feeders over the years but the squirrels end up breaking them.

As an inexpensive option to replacing our bird feeders using basic supplies we have begun creating our own craft stick bird feeders.

Craft Stick Bird Feeder aka Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder 

  • 40-50 Craft Sticks
  • Tacky Glue or Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Yarn
  • Bird Seed
  • Option: Use water paints to create different colors of popsicle stick crafts

As an inexpensive option to replacing our bird feeders we have begun creating our own craft stick bird feeder. Perfect for the kids to make (and fill).


Lay 4 craft sticks out in a square shape. Glue the ends.

Continue stacking the craft sticks in a square shape and ad dots of glue as you go until the box is at least 1 inch deep.

Allow to dry.

Tie yarn to the corners by looping it through and around, then tie in a knot to hold it in place.

Gather all for pieces of yarn together and pull up to straighten them out and make sure there are no tangles or twists.

Tie together.

Hang the feeder from a hook or tree branch and fill with seed! Watch how fast the birds find your feeder

feeder vertical

This is such a wonderful craft to help get you kids creating something that is truly useful to the local bird population.

It does not matter where you live as most birds can benefit from this Craft Stick Bird Feeder.

Perhaps you have an old collection of Popsicle sticks you have forgotten about?

Find those Popsicle sticks and get busy making this bird feeder!

Cannot wait for the craft sticks to be delivered?

No problem.

Try this DIY Bird Feeder instead. 

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