How To Destress This Holiday Season

How To Destress This Holiday Season

Are the holidays getting you stressed out? You don’t want to be so stressed that you forget to or don’t have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the holidays with your family. When you feel like your rushing, you’re sweating without the workout, or can’t breathe. Here are a few ways to calm down, relax and enjoy your holidays this season.

How To Destress This Holiday Season


Get your body moving, releasing toxins, sweat out the stress. If doesn’t have to be a hard workout, even just a quick walk.

Eat a piece of dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate can be good for you and help reduce stress levels.

A glass of wine.

Lounge in front of the television with you significant other with a glass of wine.

A bubble bath.

Maybe wait until the kids are sleeping, so you can relax, quietly, maybe read a book or magazine, without the knocks on the door, little fingers poking under the door.

Cup of decaf tea or coffee.

Lay off some, maybe not all, caffeine. Caffeine can cause you more stress.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go hide in the bathroom and pretend that there isn’t a large pile of presents waiting to be wrapped. 

Happy Holidays!

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