6 Simple Summer Fun Ideas!

So, the summer holidays are drawing to a close for another year…but just because September is on the horizon and you’ve already got all the kids their back to school stuff, doesn’t mean you can’t have one last week of fun in the summer sun!

Most of us have been working to a budget this summer, and now the month is almost over that budget is probably stretched.

But don’t worry, you can still have plenty of fun in the last few days of summer without breaking the bank or blowing your budget.

Read on for 6 simple, summer fun ideas that everyone will love!


Get out in the garden

There’s still plenty of activities and fun to be had in the garden.

Whether you need a bit of help gardening, clearing up some of the debris, planting next year’s daffodils and tulips or you’re looking to add a couple of new trees or shrubs to your outdoor space – click here to find out more about which trees would suit your garden best – it’s always a good idea to get the kids involved and let then try their hand at gardening.

Head to your local garden centre or supermarket and you’ll probably find plenty of small plants on offer, why not plant them in tubs and planters and add a last splash of colour before Autumn arrives?


Hike a new trail

As a family, going for walks and enjoying the fresh air is an absolute must.

Not only does it get everyone out of the house, but it allows the kids to burn off some pent up energy.

You’ve probably walked the familiar family routes all through the summer, so why not try a new one instead?

Take a picnic and take plenty of pictures for a lovely day out in the sunshine.


Visit your local museum

This is a great way to find out more about your local town or area.

And local museums are usually free!

Take notes to take back to school to impress their new teacher!

Have a backyard campout

Pitch up a tent and fill it with plenty of cushions, blankets and sleeping bags.

Get cosy and read stories by torch light!

Then stay up late and try and spot some of the constellations!

It’s the perfect end to a busy day!


Check out the library

Not only can the kids pick up some good reads before school starts again, but you’ll find there are still plenty of free or low admission activities for the kids to get involved with.

From puppet shows to craft afternoons, even story time for the little ones.


Bake with Your Child

Baking is a cheap and cheerful way to keep the house topped up with plenty of sweet and savoury goodies that everyone will love!

Buns, cupcakes, breads, cakes, puddings the options are endless!

Let the kids help and give them age appropriate tasks.

From measuring to mixing and of course licking the bowl.

Just make sure they help you to clean up afterwards!


What did you think of these 6 Simple Summer Fun Ideas!

Please share more of your own ideas below.

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