Top 9 Summer Break Safety Tips

As you plan for summer break, you may be thinking about traveling. Going somewhere you’re not familiar with can make you more vulnerable to theft, crime, and other catastrophes.

Top 9 Summer Break Safety Tips

When you go anywhere, it is important to keep these to 9 summer break safety tips in mind:

Don’t Post Plans on Social Media

You never know who is looking at your social media. You never want a robber to know your home will be empty for any number of days. Keep things on the DL.

Carry Pepper Spray on your Key Chain

When you travel, you may not know the kinds of people that are in the area you are staying. It is always best to be safe rather than sorry.

Never Walk at Night Alone

Even at home, it is never safe to walk alone at night. If you have to walk at night, stay close to well lit areas for safety.

Take only a Little Cash

Cash can’t, easily, be tracked. So, if someone were to rob you for every penny in your pockets, you want that to be slim to none.

Have Copies of Credit/ Debit Cards

Make sure you have copies of your credit card information. If something were to happen, you want to be able to cancel your cards ASAP.

Bring Traveler’s Checks

Travelers checks instead of cash are always a good idea. They are used like cash, but you can get a refund if they are lost or stolen.

Ask for Places to Avoid

When you are in a new place, it is always good to be aware of places to avoid. You can ask the hotel staff or people you are staying with what streets or parts of town to avoid.

If Lost go to a Well Lit Lot

If you get lost, never pull over to the side of the road. You want to drive until you get to a well-lit, public area.

Use Hotel Safe

You never want to take all your money and credit cards with you when you are out and about exploring. Instead, buy a safe or ask the hotel for a safe to keep extra money, passports, traveler’s checks, and credit card in for safe keeping.

Have fun this summer, but stay safe! What other tips would you give to summer travelers?

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