10 Crucial Things Every Freshman Should Bring When Moving to the Dorm

Moving out can be daunting, whether it’s your first time or you have moved houses before so pay attention to these Things Every Freshman Should Bring When Moving to the Dorm.

You will probably need more than just your laptop, but it seems impossible how one can think about everything.

In this article, we’ve prepared a list of essentials for your big day to make the transfer to the college as easy as it can get.

Before you even start shopping, check out the school’s rules on what you can and can’t have in your room.

Some dorms allow microwaves; some even let you own a mini-fridge.

Others restrict areas that can be decorated.

So be sure to check those regulations first to save yourself the hassle of shipping back your possessions.

Indeed, packing for college is not as easy as ordering an essay on the EssayPro website.

Therefore, you need to follow some steps to make it simpler.

First, we highly recommend making shopping and packing lists.

This way, when you have everything on paper or on your gadget categorized, you will be able to sort through items without making a mess of your room.

Everybody’s needs are different, so there’s no ultimate list that can fit everyone, but here is what we think you will definitely need.


10 Crucial Things Every Freshman Should Bring When Moving to the Dorm

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Dorm rooms tend to be quite small and get packed with stuff easily.

One great solution to that is extra storage. You could put several bins under your bed, hang racks on a wall, and in your closet.

This way you won’t stumble on things all the time. But make sure to label everything and keep those bins in order so that your belongings don’t get lost.


Food and Water Containers

A water bottle is a must nowadays.

Did you know that when buying bottled water, you pay 80% of the price for the plastic?

It’s much cheaper to have your own container, not to mention the ecology benefits it provides.

The same goes for the reusable lunch containers; you will not regret having at least one when packing for a long day on campus.


Desk Lamp

Chances are, you will be studying day and night, especially the first couple of months. A compact desk lamp will be extremely helpful for that late-night book worming.

Consider a battery-powered one to save an extra outlet.



Although you will be provided with a mattress and a bed, you will need to bring your own bedsheets.

Preferably, two sets, for the laundry day. Depending on the weather, you might have to bring multiple blankets for colder and warmer times.


Hygiene Products

Things like shampoo and a body wash might seem obvious, but there are items that some leave out, such as a shower tote and a pair of flip flops.

You don’t want to shower barefoot in a dormitory, and you also don’t want to carry your toiletries in your hands.


First Aid Kit

Do not forget to pack your adhesive bandages, aspirin, and cough drops, as well as prescription medicine you might need.

Again, check with the school guidelines for the storage regulations as many entities do not allow to keep meds in rooms.


Alarm Clock

You might not think it’s necessary since we all have an alarm on our phones.

Yet, having a clock in your room will not only bring some nostalgic vibes.

When choosing what clock to buy, if you settle on an electronic one, make sure to get one that does not give off blue light, as it can disturb your sleep.


Laundry Items

A big part of adult life is having to do your own laundry.

Here are the things you will need: a bin or a bag for dirty clothes, laundry detergent, and a stain remover, a small drying rack.

Note that you can also hang out your laundry overnight, but your roomie might not like it.

Additional items in that category include a lint roller and a sewing kit, but those are optional.


School Supplies

Having nice notebooks and pens can motivate some to study.

Apart from the mentioned, you will need a planner to note all your upcoming assignments and deadlines, a thumb drive, sticky notes and highlighters, and an extension cord.

On the Last Note: Miscellaneous Items

Whether it be a fish, posters, or a rug, you will need some things to make a new place feel like home. Always check with the school guidelines before packing something, but most schools do allow tenants to own fish.

Bonus piece of advice – here is a list of things not to pack to your new life chapter:

    • Your entire library of books;
    • Iron and ironing board;
    • Printer or any other big electronic appliance;
    • Too much/out of season clothing and shoes;
    • Fancy dishes.

The best thing you can do to save up space is to connect with your roommate before the semester begins to discuss who is bringing what.

That is especially important for bulkier items because, in reality, you can share storage, mini-fridge, and a laundry bag. Having two of those will not work in favor of free space.


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