50 Free and Cheap Fun Things to Do with a Toddler

50 Free and Cheap Fun Things to Do with a Toddler

Toddlers are so much fun, but they have short attention spans and buying new toys gets expensive! There are many free and fun things to do with a toddler that I have discovered lately.  I have also included a few free and cheap fun things to do with a toddler.

Disclaimer: For the items that do require a little money, I have linked them to my affiliate link. 

50 Free and Cheap Fun Things to do with a Toddler

  1. Go for a walk outside
  2. Dance to music
  3. Finger paint
  4. Blow bubbles
  5. Paint using Q-tips
  6. Build a fort 
  7. Color (Bonus: Color with Washable Markers if you are brave)
  8. Visit the local library during storytime
  9. Have your toddler select a book from the library to take home.
  10. Read your books and do a craft afterwards that relates to the craft. 
  11. Pick flowers and make a bouquet out of them
  12. Visit a splash pad close to your home.
  13. Buy an inflatable swimming pool to splash around in. Well worth the investment. 
  14. Spray shaving cream on a high chair and let your toddler draw with his or her fingers. Bonus: Add food color to the cream for added excitement! 
  15. Skip, Roll and do a few Jumping Jacks
  16. Jumping Contest
  17. Eat popsicles or Flavor Ice
  18. Find leaves in yard, cover them with a piece of paper, and color over them to see outline.
  19. Paint with watercolors
  20. Sidewalk chalk fun
  21. Play dress up
  22. Visit a local playground and enjoy the slides and swings
  23. Visit a shelter and let your toddler see the animals. (Bonus: Take a furry friend home and I promise they will be friends for life.) 
  24. Hook up your sprinkler and let your toddler run back and forth.
  25. Play with legos
  26. Watch a movie
  27. Visit the beach
  28. Slip n slide in the backyard
  29. Facepaint on your toddler’s face (Bonus: let them paint on your face. Brave mom!)
  30. Paint your toddler’s nails if they can stay focused. (Shockingly mine did!)
  31. Kick a ball back and forth. Put laundry baskets on the ends to see if they can kick the ball into the “goal”.
  32. Hit balloons back and forth
  33. Hit balloons with pool noodles back and forth
  34. Bounce balls on the kitchen floor
  35. Roll balls on the kitchen floor
  36. Trace each other’s hands using crayons on a large sheet of paper (Bonus: Frame it to save for years to come!)
  37. Let your toddler run wild in a racquetball court. Sounds weird, but it works. Your fitness neighbors may not like it, but they will get over it.
  38. Give your toddler a stack of business cards and watch the magic begin. Mines loves to sort and organize them.
  39. Alphabet magnets on the fridge can be fun! 
  40. Host a pretend tea party
  41. Play with toy cars and race each other
  42. Fold laundry – funny, but mine thinks chores like this are a game. More like a game to frustrate mom, but it is entertaining for them and it’s a free activity.
  43. Peak a Boo – she still loves it! 
  44. Where’s Mommy? Sneak away and let them find you. Fun when they finally do find you!  
  45. Wash your car and let your toddler play in the soap and water. Make sure someone else is helping out for added safety.
  46. Playdoh fun! 
  47. Go hiking and explore nature! Bring a lot of water.
  48. Check out a local firehouse and see if they will let you get in the firetruck. I know a lot of cities will host an Open House where the public can explore the fire station.
  49. Play hopscotch
  50. Walk or run across bubblewrap. Works. Every. Time.

What free and fun things things does your toddler enjoy? Do you find it challenging to keep up with your toddler’s interests? 

Please comment below and let us know! I am always looking for new and fun ideas to challenge and entertain my toddler! Plus, who I am kidding, I love to do most of them as I will always be a kid at heart! 

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