8 Tips To Avoiding A Fatal Distraction In The Car

Fatal doesn’t necessarily mean death. Fatal, by definition, describes something that can cause death. Many distractions can cause death not just to the driver, but to the passengers, and other drivers on the road. These distractions may not cause death, but then again they could. Who would want to chance that?

Tips To Avoiding A Fatal Distraction In The Car

Here are 8 tips to avoiding fatal distractions in the car!

Get off the phone before you get in the car.

When you are on the phone before you start driving, that is your brain’s primary focus. This means the rest of your actions go on auto pilot.

Turn your phone off while you drive.

If you can’t help looking at text messages or answering phone calls, it is best to just turn off your phone so you aren’t distracted.

Check your phone at gas stations or rest stops

You don’t have to drive for hours without your phone. Turn it on and check it only while your car is sitting still. You can check messages at gas stations and rest stops.

Always check your backseat

I can’t tell you how many parents have accidently left their child in the car because they were distracted. Make it a habit to check the backseat, so this doesn’t happen to you.

Don’t drive when you are angry.

It is always important to try and avoid driving when emotions are high. Anger, sadness, and other hard emotions can cause you to be distracted while you’re driving. If you are angry or upset, find someone else to drive.

Set your GPS before you drive.

A GPS is supposed to make life easier, right?! A GPS is one of the  number 1 distractions that cause car accidents every year. Avoid this fatal distraction by setting your coordinates before you start your engine.

Be Careful in parking lots.

Finding a parking spot can be a fatal distraction. We are so distracted on finding that perfect spot that we forget to look for other drivers, kids, and pedestrians throughout the lot.

Check in with a friend or relative.

If you take your kids to the sitter before heading to work it is especially important to check in with someone once you reach work. If you make checking in a habit, it helps keep you focused on what is important.

Being proactive is the key to avoiding fatal distractions. What other tips do you have for driving in the car? Share your tips in the comments below!

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