My Love Hate Relationship With Pinterest

My Love Hate Relationship With Pinterest

Pinterest, it’s down right addicting to me. Instead of spending countless hours on Facebook these days I can be found pinning for what seems like hours on Pinterest. 

So many great ideas and visions that pop out at you. I start thinking how amazing my kids birthday parties could be if it were all done up perfectly color or theme coordinated.

Or that picture perfect romantic dinner for just my husband and I on our in house Saturday night date night. All served on a lavishly beautiful candle-lite table. 

I have a confession, even though I love to see and pin countless beautiful recipes and over the top kids birthday party ideas I secretly hate Pinterest! 

There I said it, I have a huge love hate relationship with Pinterest. 

There are some amazingly talented moms out there that can pull off these elaborate birthday parties! Or fantastic wives that can serve those beautiful dishes. I’m not discrediting them by any means, I applaud them! 

Now my hatred, it’s just not reality for some moms. Just as we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others this is all true when it comes to pictures on pinterest. Don’t compare because I’m sure yours will not come out the same as what you see. 

In my early Pinterest days I tried to duplicate a ton of ideas I saw on things I pinned. I quickly got frustrated how mine most of the time came out as a complete flop. I suddenly felt like a failure. Like I didn’t measure up to these super moms throwing these fantastic over the top birthday parties for their kids. I purely cracked under the pressure of trying to measure up. 

  • I’m not that mom.
  • I’m not crafty, at all. 
  • I rock at baking and cooking but it doesn’t always look pinterest perfect but does taste amazing. 

I still pin a ton every day but simply use them as a reference. A reference to put my own spin on something. I no longer get caught up in this picture perfect party good enough for Pinterest world. Try to say that a few times fast! 

Moms, keep pinning! Just don’t get sucked into trying to make everything “pinterest perfect”. Try and put your own touches on what you trying to recreate from Pinterest. 

Id like to know your thoughts on Pinterest. Love it, hate it? Has it ever made you feel you didn’t measure up? 


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