Color My World Series #9 ~ Brown. Introducing the Color Brown into Daily Activities

Introducing the Color Brown into Daily Activities

Introducing the Color Brown into Daily Activities

I hope that you’ve enjoyed our color series.  Introducing the Color Brown into Daily Activities. We’re wrapping things up this month with the colors BROWN & PINK. This post will discuss the color BROWN. Brown, everyone knows the color of earth, wood is various tones of brown, stone while sometimes gray is often brown, stability, warmth, and honesty, is a natural, neutral color that is associated with the seasons of fall and winter.

 Arts & Crafts Activities :

Easy Arctic Animals Walrus Craft

011Photo Credit :

Brown Bear Hand Print

IMG_8952 edPhoto Credit :

65af91b807bb31b7c110fca3c975ac32Photo Credit :

 Here are a few worksheets you can use to teach “brown” to your child :

color-brown-colors-fine-motorPhoto Credit :


brown-color-colors-fine-motorPhoto Credit :


fa988595e1acc702f0f66ccf1ff6132fPhoto Credit :

Learn A Little Spanish :

  • brown = marrón
  • bear = soportar
  • cookie = galletas
  • walrus = morsa

Activities You Can Do :

Brown Sensory Bin f072bdc4385e80f77c4f4a1443113a0cPhoto Credit :

Chocolate Play Dough

c32c05375edc4068d5ad55edcf55f0f9Photo Credit :

 What else can you do ?

– Pick a day to wear brown clothes.

Life Cycle of a Brown Bear

d5c0fd73be69e5bf8955b47475c75a02Photo Credit :

– Read the book “Brown Bear, Brown Bear”

– Eat Chocolate Chip Cookies & Drink Chocolate Milk

– Listen to “brown-themed” songs on You-tube 


Later this month, we’ll look at the final color in our series ~ PINK!


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