I am not the Perfect Mom

I am not the Perfect Mom

The perfect mom? Nope, sorry there is no such thing. Nobody is perfect. Trying to do so could leave you feeling overwhelmed, ragged and down right exhausted. While we try to balance it all, there is a fine line between striving to be the perfect mom and just the best mom you can be. 

I will not always make Pinterest perfect cupcakes. I will not always remember to make sure my three kids brushed their teeth before we head out the door and honestly if you walk inside my house any given day at 1 PM it looks like a hurricane hit all the toys in every single room. This summer I have been tested and reality has set in.

I am NOT the perfect mom and I am okay with that.

Do not compare – This is a tough one for me. I see the moms I know who seem to handle being a mom beautifully. They always look put together, make up done hair all in place. The grass is not always greener on the other side. All moms struggle with certain areas of motherhood! Those mom’s behind closed doors may be comparing themselves to you. You are not them, they are not you. Trying to be the best mom YOU can be is the best you can do for your kids. 

Stop feeling guilty – When you set the bar to high for yourself and you fail the mommy guilt sets in. Instead understanding the guilt can help turn the situation around. I noticed this summer I failed horribly at the goals I set. That’s okay! I learned that some of those goals were just not possible. When summer started the kids and I had made a summer activity list. The things they wanted to do or see and well we only did about half. Instead of beating myself up over it like I normally would have, we sat down this weekend and picked the top 5 of what else was on the list to do before school started again. 

Prioritize – It’s okay not to have the perfect meal on the table every night or have sparkling bathrooms 24/7. Sometimes taking a day to just play with my kids is more important. Moms, I sort of learned this one the hard way. For a long time I struggled with wanting to make everything perfect I forgot who I was doing it for. Years from now my kids will not remember the kitchen floor being spotless they will remember how much quality time we spent together, teaching my daughter to ride her bike without training wheels or my son learning how to improve his reading before he starts kindergarten. 

Being the perfect mom means something different to every mom. For me. I can’t do it all, I’m not perfect at everything I do and some days things on my to-do list never gets crossed off. But by being true to myself I know I am the best mom I can be. 

So tell me, what do you struggle when it comes to being the perfect mom? 

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