I See Me – Personalized Children’s Books

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I’m always on the prowl for gifts that add a little personalization to my kids’ life. We love to read and we have many great books in the house, but when I found out we’d have the opportunity to try out a book from I See Me, I got a little excited.

I See Me - Personalized Children's Books

Personalization is Important

The book we got to check out was called Heidi’s Farm Friends. Of course the book was personalized to meet my child’s name requirements (which are an awesome feature by the way). Do you know how awesome it is for a child to look at themselves in a book? I personally feel as though these books from I SEE ME make reading more fun and adventurous. I mean any book is great, but these farm featured books really take YOUR child on an adventure. They’re not reading about someone else taking an adventure; they see themselves on an adventure!

I See Me - Personalized Children's Books


I’ve always preferred to by quality books, so they last longer. The book that we got for my child will last many years. The picture quality in these books is phenomenal. If you look closely at any picture in any I SEE ME book they are made with quality. I can tell a lot of attention and detail is put into each book made. My personal favorite part is seeing my child’s name and face personalized into the illustrations. Reading just doesn’t get cooler than that!

I See Me - Personalized Children's Books

Gifts & More

I love that I can get more personalized items for my kids from I SEE ME. I know they already love the personalized book, so the fact that I can get various gifts for birthdays and holidays makes me pretty excited.
Would you like to get one of these awesome books for your child? Check out I SEE ME on their website, or via social media on FacebookTwitter, or Pinterest accounts! 

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