How to Help your Child Adjust to their New Glasses

With the new school year fast approaching, it makes sense for parents to focus on getting their children ready for September.

New shoes, school uniforms, lunch boxes and stationary are usually at the top of the long list of back-to-school essentials.

However, it’s also crucial that parents ensure that their child’s vision is ready for school. 

A child who can’t see the board, read their textbooks or focus in class will quickly fall behind and struggle to keep up.

So, if you think your child might need glasses it’s important to get them checked straight away and Help your Child Adjust to their New Glasses.

Close up portrait of young girl holding glasses with test chart in background -How to Help your Child Adjust to their New Glasses

Your next obstacle is helping your child get used to their new frames and the sensation and weight of having something on their face.

It can feel strange at first, but with some simple encouragement and support from you they’ll soon get used to this big change.

Read on for how you can help your child adjust to their new glasses.

Let them choose what frame they want

If your child has a say in what frames they wear, then they’re more likely to want to wear them.

Let them have free reign on the colour, the style or the material of their new eyewear – you’ll find a range of titanium glasses here, just click the link – and you’ll find they have a much better attitude towards their new glasses.

Heroes wear glasses too…

Clark Kent wears his glasses to hide his alter ego Superman!

Harry Potter is just as famous for his glasses as he is for his magic spells.

And Mystery Inc couldn’t unmask all those villains without Velma Dinkley and her famous thick rimmed glasses.

Remind your child that as far as glasses go, they’re not alone. And many of their favourite characters also wear them.

Not forgetting other friends and family members!

Give them lots of compliments

Giving your child the reassurance that they look cool or that their glasses really suit them is essential.

Just like adults, we all want validation that a new outfit or style looks good on us.

Ask family members and friends to take note of how good they look.

Whether they look “grown up”, “really cool” or just “super fun!” make sure they know that their glasses complement their appearance!

Remind them of the benefits

Remind them that their glasses mean that they can see properly!

They can focus on things far away and see things much clearer.

Everything will now be clear and if they were suffering from eyestrain and headaches.

Then remind them that their new glasses will make daily life much better.

And finally, let them revel in the responsibility

For some children, the idea of having something important to look after and their very own responsibility to take care of is incredibly important.

They learn that keeping their glasses clean, look after them properly, placing them in their case every night and being gentle with them.

In the end, this kind of responsibility might make them excited to wear their glasses and show them off!

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