Nighttime Summer Outdoor Activities for Families

Warmer weather, fresh air, beach days and late nights filled with Nighttime Summer Outdoor Activities for Families!


Warmer weather, fresh air, beach days and late nights filled with Nighttime Summer Outdoor Activities for Families!

As a family with two young children (3 and 5 yrs), we don’t often stay up late or take them out on nighttime adventures.

When thinking about summer outdoor activities for families we often think of daytime.

I’m always wanting to do some fun and creative things with our daughters especially come summer time.

However, I also want them to get a good night’s sleep.

And you may be thinking you want more security than a tent will offer; you may want to look for a bigfoot camper for sale.

Sometimes you just have to forgo a good night’s sleep to experience adventures with your children.

Here are a few things you can do this summer:


Nighttime Summer Outdoor Activities For Families

Star Gazing

I know my kids go to bed long before it’s dark outside so they rarely see the summer sky lit up by stars.

Star gazing can be as simple as looking at the sky to searching for constellations and learning about them in detail.

I always envied my friends in Ontario as the Milky Way was far more prominent then it is in Nova Scotia.

It was like glitter was splashed all over the night’s sky.  

Try heading out on a clear night as it allows you to see so much more. Grab a chair, a blanket or sleeping back to stay cozy.

  • Tip: To see the stars even better use a telescope. 


Outdoor Movies

Not everyone has access to an outdoor theatre so why not create one in your own backyard.

Ideally, you’d need a laptop and projector (maybe your work would loan you one for a weekend) and set it up to project on the outside wall of our house.

You can even go as far to have kids make their own cars out of cardboard boxes that they can “Drive-In” to your theatre.

What a classic way to watch a movie together. Invite your friends or neighbours over.


Water Fight

Have you ever had a water fight at night?

It’s the best!

It can still be really warm at 7 or 8 PM, why not have a water fight.

It will actually cool your body down and relax you (and kids) before they go to sleep.

Or, if you have a pool go for an evening swim.

Again the water will cool down your body, you’ll relax more and sleep better.

Be prepared for the next water fight with easy to fill water balloons.


Night Hike


Go hiking at night?


This is something that MOST people do not do but there are so many things you can see, hear and smell at night.

Fireflies are such a cool thing for kids to see and carrying a flashlight while on a hike is lots of fun too.



Another great social activity to do in the evenings as the sun goes down.

Whether you roast marshmallows, making banana boats or even singing songs.

Relaxing by the campfire with your family and friends is a great way to relax and celebrate the summer months.

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You never know some of these Summer Outdoor Activities for Families might become a tradition for your family each summer.

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