Chores for Young Children

Chores for Young Children? When do you start assigning chores? We have a really good plan outlined in this article.

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My children love to help out around the house, unless I use the word “chore”.

Then the whining starts or they suddenly have something more interesting to do.

Chores for Young Children

Young children can help out around the house, starting with the small things around the house.

I’ve broken some chores down into rough ages that they can be started.

Not all children will be ready for the chores specified here at the age listed or maybe they’ll be doing some earlier. 

Need chore ideas for other age groups?

Chores for children 2-3 year olds:

  • picking up toys
  • placing dirty clothes in the hamper
  • throwing trash in the garbage
  • bringing diapers or wipes
  • dusting baseboards

Chores for 4-5 year olds:

  • feed pets
  • set and clear the table
  • water plants
  • use lightweight vacuums
  • dust tables and furniture
  • make their bed

Chores for 6-7 year olds: 

  • fold and put away laundry
  • empty dishwasher
  • wipe off the table
  • help put groceries away
  • clean their room

Teaching our children responsibility at a young age is important for their future.

Learning responsibility will teach them to care for their possessions and their home and create some great habits.

Pinterest is full of ideas to help you and your child find a routine, a way to remember what you want to get done.

You can print this simple effective chore chart.

Just fill in the chores your child is going to do, and check them off as they are done daily.

Get your Kids to organize their room.

You can also put it in the sheet protector or lament it to use it repeatedly instead of printing a new one off each week.

Make sure to print out the free chore chart

How do you get your children to do their chores?

Maybe your child receives an allowance or maybe they have to earn TV or tablet or video game time. 

How do you get your children to help out around the house?

Do they get an allowance?

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