Your Kids Aren’t Brushing Enough? Try Out These Fun Motivational Tips

There is no need to beat around the bush: brushing teeth is not the most fun activity in the world and your kids aren’t brushing enough.

There is no need to beat around the bush: brushing teeth is not the most fun activity in the world and your kids aren't brushing enough.


Even adults dodge it sometimes, let alone kids.

In fact, during the formative years, youngsters tend to perceive it as a tedious thing that is at the very bottom of the daily to-do list.

Parents are thus faced with a challenge of how to entice kids to develop good dental habits.

It is of the utmost importance to find the solution early on, while they are still young. 

Simply preaching on dental health does not cut it, so here are some surefire strategies.


Do it Together

Brushing does not come naturally to children which is why Your Kids Aren’t Brushing Enough.

The best way to overcome this fundamental obstacle is to make brushing a more enjoyable experience.

Turn a solitary chore into a family activity and try to always do it at the same time.

Ignite a sense of competition and acknowledge who has the best technique (it is always the child, of course).

Serve as a positive role model and your kids will likely follow suit as they like to imitate everything you do. 


Turn the Ordeal into Play

Furthermore, strive to learn dental habits through play. Get creative and awaken the imagination within the young mind. 

Bring a stuffed animal or favorite doll to act as a sort of audience.

Role-playing is an amazing tactic to make things interesting.

Likewise, play some music and throw some humming and dancing moves into the mix.

That way, kids may look forward to brushing instead of devising creative ways of eluding it.


Allow the Freedom of Choice

No kid fancies being assigned to do something which is another reason Your Kids Aren’t Brushing Enough.

So, do not just issue orders: Give your child as much freedom of choice as possible.

For instance, involve them in the process of shopping for dental supplies.

When they have a freedom to select the color and the style of the toothbrush, as well as a flavor of the paste, they are much more inclined to embrace brushing as a regular habit.

Usually, superhero toothbrush and paste do the trick in most of the cases.

There is no need to beat around the bush: brushing teeth is not the most fun activity in the world and your kids aren't brushing enough.

Rewards and Incentives

Bear in mind that children adore rewards and respond well to them.

Carrot often works like a charm, unlike the stick.

Thus, regular little brushers should get a treat in order to keep the motivation going, especially when they do it without complaining or anyone reminding them.

You can also keep a chart to track dental habits and play it all fair and square: Download it from the internet or create one yourself.


Use Educational Tools

For better or worse, kids do not always hold parents’ advice in an overly high regard and often pay more attention to other sources of information.

Well, do not fret and use this to your advantage by employing various educational tools.

Get some help with technology and present them kid-friendly videos, smartphone apps, and books.

The vivid world of digital media could draw them in and instill a strong habit.


Play it Smart

Oral hygiene is paramount to overall health and well-being of us all.

Parents play a pivotal role, yet they cannot just force the habits upon children.

So, when Your Kids Aren’t Brushing Enough, take a more subtle, smarter approach.

Show patience and start the process sooner rather than later.

Bear in mind that learning via play is learning at its best and that kids emulate what their parents do.

Take the frustration and nagging out of the picture.

Set your child on a path to impeccable oral health and establish a daily routine to last a lifetime.


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