Stay At Home Mom Daily Routine

Stay At Home Mom Daily Routine

Morning routines aren’t just for those that work outside the home, or even work at home. My morning routine gets and keeps me functioning and parenting at my best. It’s not all about getting going first think in the morning. It’s about the things you do all day.

The first part, is about taking some time for yourself each day, even if its only for 30 minutes. 

My Stay At Home Mom Daily Routine

In the morning:

5:30 – I start my day earlier than my husband and kids. Drink some water, then workout. 30 minutes of activity every day to keep healthy. Staying healthy helps us keep up with our children.

6:15 – Next is drinking my coffee, and trying to fit in breakfast. Usually while sitting in front of my computer reading blogs, or working on my own.

Once the kids are up:

7:00 – Get them breakfast and unload the dishwasher. Get them dressed, and their teeth brushed.

At night before going to bed:

8:30pm – Set the coffee maker… and get it ready, it’s not just enough to set the coffee maker. Also make sure everything is in place. You don’t want to find coffee dripping down your counters, trust me, I’ve done this a few times.

Set out clothes for the morning.

Throughout the day:

You have to figure out your own cleaning scheduling. I can’t tell you how to clean your house, heck, I can’t tell you have to figure out the rest of your day, mainly, because mine changes day to day. With homeschooling and gymnastics classes through out the week.

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