Ways to Get Your Child through Turbulent Family Period

Whether you’re going through a divorce, moving to a different city, having another baby or maybe one of your family members is dealing with a terminal illness, your child will be under a lot of stress and needs to learn Ways to Get Your Child through Turbulent Family Period.

You should, however, do your best to make this turbulent period as easy as possible for them.

Ways to Get Your Child through Turbulent Family Period

Parents are there to comfort their children and offer all the support they can to lessen the blow of such a big change in a child’s life.

If you’re not certain what you can do to make the process as easy as possible, we have a few suggestions.


Let them know they have your support

You should always be there to support your child no matter what.

When they’re having doubts or they’re not sure how the future will look like, you should be there for them to answer any question they might have.

Giving them your undivided attention will let them know that you care about their feelings and you want them to feel comfortable still, despite the changes that are happening.

This is especially important if you and your spouse are divorcing because that kind of change can leave permanent consequences on the child.


Father hugging his children are some Ways to Get Your Child through Turbulent Family Period


Consider professional help

Getting a divorce, for instance, is one of the most stressful situations a child can go through.

Seeing their parents separating and wrecking a home is painful and can scar a child for life.

Having them choose where they want to live from now on and watching the other parent leaving can affect your child’s future actions, which is why you must lead the child through the process slowly.

Considering family law mediation would be a good way to help your child understand and accept the fact that you and your spouse are going to go your separate ways.


Keep them included

In the case of financial struggle, for example, your child shouldn’t be rushed into realizing that from now on, you’ll need to cut back on loads of their favourite hobbies and toys.

Instead of letting the kids pick up on your stress and anxiety, sit down with them and explain why you’ll need to start spending wisely and less than before.

Be sure to answer all of their questions instead of letting them fill in the blanks by themselves.

With such a vivid imagination, you don’t want them constructing an even worse scenario.

Always reassure them that you will take care of them and that you can still have fun by going to the park, playing board games or ride a bike together as an inexpensive way of having fun together. 


baby touching mothers fingers are some Ways to Get Your Child through Turbulent Family Period

Acknowledge and validate their feelings

Becoming an older sibling can be very stressful for a child.

Not being mummy’s and daddy’s favourite anymore but having to share all the love and affection with another baby will require some serious talking if you want your older one to accept the sibling easily.

You should do your best to ensure a balance of family time and individual time with your little one so that they never feel neglected.

Even when the newborn arrives, try to safeguard the extracurricular activities your older child enjoys.

Whether your child feels frustrated or worried, listen to them, acknowledge and validate their feelings and talk openly about everything that troubles them.

Empower your child by allowing them to help with the baby’s care from time to time.


Stick to traditions

Whether you’ve moved away or welcomed a new baby, you should still stick to your old rituals that you loved having with your first child.

Maintaining normalcy is essential.

You should make your child feel as if nothing has drastically changed, so look for many little things that can stay the same for them.

Stick to the same time you eat dinner, stick to the regular school and homework schedule, or the Friday night movie tradition.

Overindulging them or acting overprotective can send the wrong message and they might think you see them as too fragile.

They may think you consider them incompetent or doubt their ability to get through this difficult situation.

That’s why you must keep the balance between appropriate support and protection.

Children are much more resilient than you may think, so don’t patronise them but act as you did before this turbulent period in your life.

You can easily overcome any stressful period if you only trust in your child’s ability to understand and cope with problems.

Offer them your unconditional support, don’t make other drastic changes in their routine and always acknowledge their feelings.

When they see you’re making an effort, they’ll feel much better.

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