5 Tips To Make Your Holiday Season Less Stressful

5 Tips To Make Your Holiday Season Less Stressful


This time of year just goes by so fast and the holiday season is fast approaching!

There is always so much more on our plates these days. With extra cooking or baking, shopping, gifts to wrap and extra get together’s the holiday season can be stressful one.

My Husband and I talked about this and I vowed this year will be different for me.

Decided I do not want to look back on when my kids were little and just think of how stressful it was.

My objective is to remember the memories and family traditions we have made and enjoyed together. 


5 Tips To Make Your Holiday Season Less Stressful

Make A List 

I am a big list maker by nature so this one is not something new for me.

I make different lists for gifts, extra food I will need for those impromptu gatherings, what I have wrapped so far, pretty much everything extra I do during the holidays. 


Less Is More 

Through the years my children have woken up to a sea of gifts under the Christmas tree.

Their faces always light up with excitement and the looks on their faces are moments I will always treasure.

But you know what? It’s short lived.

Those gifts I saved for all year or spent countless hours trying to get the best deal were often tossed to the side a few weeks later. 

Last year my husband and I decided 3 – 5 bigger gifts were enough and guess what, they had the same look Christmas morning!

Make a list of their favorite items and stick to it. 


Plan Ahead

Just like making a list for everything, plan out the days you are going to do these extra tasks and start early.

Save a day for those holiday cards, freeze your cookie dough or quick meals and set a side a wrapping day.

By planning out your days in advance it leaves plenty of room for December to enjoy the time with your family.



Are you hosting the big family holiday meal?

You do not have to cook it alone.

Ask your friends and family that are coming to bring a side or dessert. 


Lower Your Expectations

We are not perfect so why each year do we have these magical expectations on how the holidays should look?

You do not need to make the best looking cookies or have the most beautiful decorated house on the block. 

The holiday season is about family and making memories and enjoying those moments.

By making a point to make your holiday season less stressful everyone will enjoy the time much more.

How are you going to make your holiday season less stressful at your house this year? 

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