Toys My Kids will Never Have

Toys My Kids Will Never Have...

I know as parents we always want to give our kids just about everything they desire.

Of course we weigh the pros and cons but most times even when we say know we still want to make their little dreams come true.

That said, there are still a few toys my kids will never have#sorrynotsorry. Does that make me a bad mom? You decide.



Growing I think I must have gone through no less than 100 little tubs of PlayDoh and God only knows how many different types of sets.

With each color, scent and style the end result was clumps of the stuff in nearly every hard to reach corner of my Grandmother’s home.

She would declare after each thorough cleaning that she was never buying another set.

Yet she would fall prey to my pleas, cries and sad eyes and the entire cycle would start again.

Well, I got a head start on this cycle with my kids by never letting the stuff in my home. I just couldn’t.

My oldest son is 18 and the only time he has ever played with PlayDoh has been at the expense of someone else’s sanity.

As for my younger kids, the kindergartener came home a few weeks ago declaring she had been introduced to the most amazing thing at school: PlayDoh.

When she asked if we could get some for home I took the rarely used but often needed ‘white lie’ privilege and told her it is only made for schools and since I’m not a teacher I can’t buy it.

This may catch up with me later but for now, my rug, tables, and furniture are still safe.


Loom Bands

This is a more recent addition to my ‘never have’ list but it is definitely ranking at the top.

These little colorful inventions are nothing but the start of a Mother’s nightmare.

My Girls already drive me crazy with their hair bands and stuff getting lost and found within the crevices of my couches so I can’t even begin to imagine what would happen if I willingly brought in a variety of colored versions meant for play. 

So far none of my kids have even requested these so that is a bonus.

Apparently they share my fear that they will end up being more work than fun since when I cautiously asked them why they didn’t want them their first response was what happens when we lose them?

Won’t we have to find them and clean them up?

Yes. Yes, you will. 

Thankfully this is enough of a deterrent to any desire for the little darlings and the only bracelets my kids have asked to make have been those out of string which are easy enough to keep track of.


BB Guns

This may seem like a silly entry on my list but ever since I watch A Christmas Carol I have always said not one of My Kids would own something that could. “…poke your eye out!” 

Living in the south we have seen plenty and even have other family and friends who own them but surprisingly my kids have not shown an interest in owning one of their very own.

Let’s just hope it stays that way.


Easy Bake Oven

This beauty has been on my list since the birth of my first daughter.

I know that baking is not a skill I posses or even want so having a miniature sized device meant just for that was never something I wanted.

Unfortunately, someone in my family thought it was a ‘must have’ and we recently we gifted with a pretty pink version of this old school toy.

Not only did I spend an entire day mixing and squeezing out mini cookie ingredients but we also gave away at least 45 minutes of time trying to figure out how to slide the baking tray out the other end of the oven.




When we finally figured it out, both my girls and myself were far over the novelty of how fun baking miniature anything could be.


Do you have any Toys My Kids will Never Have?

How did they make the cut?

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