Interactive Learning Pros and Cons

In 2021, more and more schools continue trying interactive learning models.

Elementary, middle, high school, and college students learn to apply various techniques and approaches throughout their study process to gain required skills and knowledge.

In an interactive learning model, a teacher or professor is only a mediator directing the classes towards the required topics.

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The main techniques used in interactive learning models are:

  • Brainstorming
  • Discussions and debates
  • Multimedia and IT usage: audio, video, web interfaces, etc.
  • Projects
  • Business games

Along with the less common solutions, all the methods serve the main goal of education facilities: to teach their students how to learn.

They also develop critical thinking, analytical skills, abilities to search, find and process new information, set logical connections, and finally make decisions grounded with the necessary arguments.

Interactive learning looks pretty well from that angle, doesn’t it? Still, apart from all its advantages, there are certain lacks.

Let’s review some of the pros and cons in detail.

Young woman surfing in the net while using website of distant learning for schoolchildren in front of laptop - Interactive Learning

Pros of Interactive Learning

Actually, the set of advantages behind interactive learning methods is pretty broad.

Here below, you’ll find the most important ones. They are:


A child learns to get knowledge on their own.

With interactive learning, they can clearly understand there are different information sources available and open for them.

That’s how a kid finds out the first points of independence and self-reliance.

Additionally, the study process’s quality, progress, and effectiveness increase due to two critical factors: a child starts believing in themselves while getting interested in a subject at a time.

Communication Skills

Regular brainstorms, discussions, and group exercises teach a student to express their thoughts and opinions, pick arguments for them, and negotiate to stand their ground politely and without breaking the argument rules.

Additionally, children find out how to solve problems on time, find compromises, and avoid intense conflicts.

At the same time, a child gets used to respecting other people’s viewpoints and accepts that everyone might be wrong, even a kid themselves.

A correctly organized interactive learning session allows a student to find out how to actually interact with groupmates and find their place in a group working on a common assignment.


Interactive learning is also a perfect way to develop a child’s creativity and individual thinking manner.

The key is the teacher who encourages every student to participate in the process of group discussion and the entire learning process.

Interactive Learning: Cons

Still, as was already noticed above, every concept is twofold.

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When speaking of interactive learning, its disadvantages include:

Personal Adaptation Challenges

The interactive learning method does not always allow adapting it to the features of this or that personality.

For example, if a child does not really want to participate in the educational process, the discussed approach won’t solve the problem.

Additionally, a leading student of the group may dominate others with their authority, so their groupmates won’t express their own opinions that might be correct or more suitable.

Teacher’s Qualification

A school or college professor inviting students into interactive learning sessions should have appropriate qualifications and skills.

And, of course, the experience of interactive learning is necessary to maintain proper control over their class.

Psychological Discomfort

The interactive learning method may cause students to feel uncomfortable and anxious.

With time, the effect will most probably fade away.

Still, attentive and careful guidance is required to involve all students in the process correctly. 


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