Instill a Love for Reading

Instill a Love for Reading

I have not always been a fan of books or reading, I hated being told what to read and when to read it. I didn’t enjoy reading until I was at least 16 and borrowed one of my grandmother’s books. Now I can’t stop reading. I want my kids to enjoy reading and books as much as I do.

I have been buying them books since I was pregnant with my oldest. Reading to them since then.

Instill a Love for Reading

Exposure. Having books around is the best first step to getting your child to love books. Books sure aren’t coming cheap these days, but a library card doesn’t cost a thing. We truly enjoy heading to the library.

Most offer Story Time as well where a book is read, craft corresponding to said book is done. Fun for all. 

Finding books they truly enjoy. Right now, Frozen is a big hit. Robert Munsch is really fun to read, especially when you get your kids involved in making some of the sounds that are usually included. Anything that sparks their interest is a great place to start.

Active listening. Ask questions so you know that they are listening and if they have any questions. We draw pictures after reading. I bought a sketch pad from the dollar store, at the top of each page is the title of the book we read and then they draw a picture of something that happened in the book, and tell me why they chose that picture.

Reading is something that all of my children, even the 18 month old seem to enjoy. I have always had board books for my kids, some are starting to look ratty but do the trick.

Starting reading early could make life just a little bit easier, school for sure. You want your children to enjoy reading, relax and curl up with a good book, not be forced to read and end up hating it.

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