5 Beauty Spring Cleaning Tips for the Average Woman

5 Beauty Spring Cleaning Tips for the Average Woman

Spring is finally here. While everyone else is coming up with house and yard cleaning techniques, I am focusing on cleaning up my beauty routine and products. It may sound silly. “Beauty Spring Cleaning? What does that mean?” Well, it means that you it’s time to give yourself and your beauty collection some much-needed attention. You may be thinking, “Well, can’t I do that anytime?” Yes, of course, you can but do you? You can start today using the ideas below.

5 Beauty Spring Cleaning Tips for the Average Woman

  1. Clean your reusable razor HANDLE. Honestly, I never thought about this until I looked at mine one day and seen something that I couldn’t believe was mine. It was disgusting. Like many of you, I just throw out the disposable blades and I don’t think about it anymore. Well, our razor handles have more germs that you’d imagine. My suggestion is to soak them in bleach or a disinfectant and scrub them down. Make sure you rinse well!
  2. Clean your makeup brushes. This should really be done every few weeks because the bacteria and germ build up. I suggest soaking them and using Zote soap to scrub them clean. (You can buy a bar of Zote at a local retailer for about $2) When the water runs clear (no makeup and no soap suds) you are good to go. Instructions on cleaning your brushes with Zote can be found here.
  1. Throw out old/expired beauty products. Yes, makeup expires. Did you know this? The rule of thumb on mascara is to throw it out if it’s over a year old. Most women have an endless supply of soaps, lotions, perfumes, and body washes. All of these expire. Sort through your stash and throw out the expired products. While you’re at it, donate the products that you don’t want to a local charity or to a family member.
  2. Deep condition your hair. I find that this is great to do at least once a month, but not everyone has time for that. I think Spring is perfect to dedicate extra time to your hair since the weather tends to be an enemy of our hair! You can use a hot oil treatment or a deep conditioning mask.
  3. Get a professional manicure. Get those cuticles pushed back and those nails buffed ladies! A lot of women get manicures every couple of weeks, but it can be expensive and time consuming. It is very important though! You want your nails to be strong and healthy. Use Spring as an excuse to get those nails cleaned and manicured. A cute mani with brights and pastels is perfect for the Spring events.

Do you have any Beauty Spring Cleaning Tips? How many of these tips do you do often?

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