How To Switch Your Dog To A Raw Food Diet #InstinctRaw

How To Switch Your Dog To A Raw Food Diet

This post is sponsored by Instinct® and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Instinct Raw but Thinking Outside The Sandbox: Family only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Instinct is not responsible for the content of this article. 

Just a month after my husband and I moved in together we adopted a puppy from the local shelter. Eko was brought in with her mom and brothers and sisters from a northern reserve and she quickly became a member of our family. She is an interesting mix of Shepard, Mastiff, Retriever and Wolf. At around 40 pounds, Eko is a good sized dog with lots of energy. In the years that we have had her, we had fed her primarily grain-free food. When she was a puppy she did need to be on a special diet for a few months due to ‘tummy issues’. We like the grain-free food but lately have been thinking of switching her to a raw food diet. 

What Is A Raw Food Diet? 

Nature’s Variety states a Raw food diet is full of natural goodness and never cooked. Raw contains pure, whole food ingredients for optimal nutrient absorption and contains natural enzymes for digestive health. Raw food also provides nutrition in its purest form – proteins, vitamins, and minerals are ready for the body to utilize. 

We wanted to switch to a raw food diet because we want Eko to be on the best food for her. If you are thinking of switching your dog to a raw food diet there are a few points to keep in mind. 

How To Switch Your Dog To A Raw Food Diet

How To Switch Your Dog To A Raw Food Diet

Keep An Open Mind

Dogs are very sensitive and can sense any uneasiness you may be feeling about feeding raw food. If you are choosing to switch to a raw food diet – own it. Be confident and your pet will be as well. 

Start Slow

Whenever you are switching your dog’s diet you always want to do it slowly. The biggest mistake you can make is switching over too soon. Switching the food over too quickly will result in upset stomachs and a very rough transition. Start adding raw into your dog’s current food and slowly add more raw and less kibble (or whatever you are currently feeding) until you are slowly feeding raw. This will also prevent you from having a half-full bag of dog food they no longer eat.

Work Up To Variety Slowly

There are many choices of proteins with raw food. Your dog does not need to try each one right away (or at all). You must work up to variety slowly, and over a period of time.

Limit Treats

In order to make sure your dog is adjusting well to the new food limit outside treats/food. This way you can see how your dog is reacting to the raw food. Limiting treats will also increase your dog’s appetite. This is particularly helpful if your dog is leery about trying new foods. 

Have Lots Of Water Available

Provide access to plenty of clean water. Okay, this tip is important even when you are not switching food. 

Make It Easy

When switching to a new diet, make it as easy as possible for yourself. I decided to feed Eko Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Bites. I loved that it was easy – no chopping for me I just bought a bag at my local PetSmart. If you want to try the Raw Bites keep in mind it needs to be kept frozen until feeding. Make sure you bring a cooler with you for transport. 

Eko loves her raw food. She even started to lick the package before trying it – she must have known just by smell that she was going to love it. Because we gradually introduced the Raw Bites into her diet she had plenty of time to decide her normal grain-free food was not going to cut it anymore. No matter how much I mixed she would nudge the dry food out of the way and only eat the raw food. I think that is a huge testimony as to how much she loves it. 

A little more about Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw Bites:

  • Instinct Raw requires no mixing or measuring, and certainly no cooking!
  • Instinct Raw is complete and balanced
  • Instinct Raw is available in convenient forms for any dog or cat
  • Instinct Raw is available in eight proteins to provide a variety of healthy choices
  • Instinct Raw uses High-Pressure Processing to ensure safety without cooking the food
  • Instinct Raw can be served in combination with kibble and/or cans

If you want to try Instinct Raw grab the $3 off coupon from their website. You can use it towards the trial size – which is only $3.99 – or the big bags as well. You can also follow them on Facebook to get notices of any upcoming deals. 

I was provided compensation from Nature’s Variety in order to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own. 

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