How To Include Your Family Into Your Sports Obsession

How To Include Your Family Into Your Sports Obsession

It is the most wonderful time of the year to be a sports fan.

Major League Baseball is entering the home-stretch before the playoffs. The National Football League began a new season in early September and National Hockey League teams began the preseason in mid-September.

With all these things happening, it is easy to lose a spouse, or even a parent, and become a sports-widow. Or even worse, the dreaded fantasy sports widow. This is dreaded if your partner fancies themselves an expert fake general manager and devotes way too much time to this passion for competing against friends or unknown randoms from around the world.

How To Include Your Family Into Your Sports Obsession

Here are three ways to get your family involved and not feeling left out during the season.

My daughter will watch sports with me. She gets excited when I get excited. We high-five and fist bump when my team gets hits and runs in baseball. During the winter, she would wear her “hockey shirt” and cheer with me. She loves it when we wear our sweaters with the same logo. She calls us twins.

During my last fantasy hockey draft, I gave my daughter three sets of players where she got to pick one player or another. Every so often I would tell her about the guy she picked and how he was helping daddy with his game. She way very excited to know she had helped me. Even if she doesn’t know Sidney Crosby from Carey Price or Jose Bautista, just name dropping the players or pointing them out when we were watching games seemed to make her quite happy.

Play with them. My daughter and I play floor hockey. We go outside and play catch. She has started swinging a bat when I pitch to her. She’s only three but she wants to play. I want her to be active and have fun. She wants to do what daddy does and be like the people on TV. I feel like I am trying to help her reach that level.

She has started telling me she wants to be a baseball player when she grows up. Why not?
So as the seasons carry on, be aware of how your sports are affected the family. If they are feeling a little left out, there are some easy ways to include them, regardless of the sport.
Hopefully there will be a few less sports widows this fall and winter.

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