What To Get a Baby for Christmas

Whether you are mom, uncle, friend or grandma, shopping for what to get a Baby for Christmas can be a challenge.

As the mom, I definitely relate to this.

I have compiled the list below to give you some ideas of great Christmas gifts for a baby aged 0-18 months.

Most of all, I hope this list provides USEFUL items, that don’t just create the wow factor on Christmas morning, but will also get used for many months to come.


What To Get a Baby For Christmas


What To Get a Baby For Christmas

Here are my selections for the what to get a baby for Christmas dilemma;

Most Fun Gift For Baby

What To Get a Baby for ChristmasWhat To Get a Baby for ChristmasMelissa and Doug has been creating toys and games with the emphasis on quality and value.

I have never been disappointed in a Melissa and Doug product (and yes, between the kids, I own MANY).

My top selection for a Melissa and Doug product for a baby aged 0-12 months is The Fill And Spill Fish Tank (pictured).

If your baby is anything like mine, they love to pack and unpack.

This may be the Tupperware drawer, the dresser or your purse.

Allow them to learn, unpack and have fun all at the same time!

This toy is perfect from about 6 months to 2 years.

It also comes in other ‘styles’ like the picnic basket tool kit!


Most Cuddly Gift For Baby

What To Get a Baby for ChristmasWhat To Get a Baby for ChristmasIf you are wanting to get a gift that isn’t a toy, perhaps consider an Aden + Anais Muslin Dream Blanket. Each of my kids has one of these.

They are made from 4 layers of Muslin cotton, which is SUPER soft and cuddly.

It is also made from natural fibers, which I appreciate.

The best thing about this gift idea is that it is truly a blanket that they will be able to use for many years.

It is a very generous size blanket, that will cover a toddler or preschooler!

Looking for some different styles? Here are a few options:

Most Educational Gift For Baby

What To Get a Baby for ChristmasWhat To Get a Baby for ChristmasMy top pick for most educational gift is the Baby Signing Time DVDs.

I first learned about teaching babies to sign with my oldest son.

He was born 16 weeks early and faced many struggles in his first years.

We expected communication to be delayed for him and a professional suggested we teach him a few signs.

This was one of the best things we could have done.

Initially, it helped us to understand him, decreased his frustration (and ours) and as he got a little older, I actually believe it helped him learn to speak faster than if we hadn’t begun signing.

There are quite a few DVD options with the Baby Signing Time! series.

If you are just getting started with baby sign language I would recommend starting with a DVD that has signs you will use every day (eg. feelings).


Most ‘Techy’ Toy For Baby

What To Get a Baby for ChristmasWhat To Get a Baby for ChristmasLeap Frog makes a huge variety of kids toys that have topped the Christmas wish lists for YEARS!

They also make some fun and educational toys for babies.

If you are in Canada, LeapFrog Canada is the place to go! Geared for 6-36 months, the LeapFrog Animal Adventure Learning Table is at the perfect level for babies to push, flip and slide, and of course, LEARN!

My daughter has a very similar table to this one and she loved it.

The legs are removable so it will grow from baby to preschooler.

With over 100 songs and activities you won’t get bored by it either. 


Most Useful Gift For Baby

What To Get a Baby for ChristmasWhat To Get a Baby for ChristmasYes, I am one of those boring smart parents who give clothing as gifts.

This is especially useful for babies, who really don’t care if they get the latest or greatest toys this holiday.

So why not get a new outfit or some winter basics is a great solution for What To Get a Baby For Christmas?

My favorite baby clothes brand is definitely Gymboree.

So I am curious, is there something you are getting for your baby that I have missed on this list?

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