How to Encourage Teenagers to Gain Perspective and Find Purpose

When you Encourage Teenagers to Gain Perspective they experience empathy and may find purpose in their lives.


How to Encourage Teenagers to Gain Perspective and Find Purpose


Any parent knows that each stage of a child’s development has its highs and lows and adolescence is no exception.

On the contrary, it’s probably the most challenging and confusing stage of their growing up, when finding one’s own identity, purpose and perspective impose themselves as a priority.

Child’s play falls into oblivion as teenagers seek to find their own place in the ever-changing world of adults and they shouldn’t do it alone.

Parents are there to give them a friendly nudge in the right direction and encourage them to keep searching for their own voice.

Here are several ways how that can be done.


Encourage Teenagers to Gain Perspective

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Support their broader interests

The teenage period is characterized by often short-lived, but very passionate interests in various things, such as music, sports, animals or even certain political ideas.

Showing your interest and offering encouragement to pursue those ideas will often be more appreciated than giving them general back-up and praise for good grades and going to college.

By offering your teens material, emotional and social support for their beyond-the-self-interests, you’ll help them develop a broader picture of the world and their place in it.

They would be more motivated and dedicated to pursue those interests, which will help them develop a stronger sense of purpose in life.

How to Encourage Teenagers to Gain Perspective and Find Purpose

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Discuss their values and character strengths

Possibly the best way to foster broader interests in your teens is by reflection and re-evaluation of their values, as well as chances to act on them.

Experts say it’s of great importance for teens’ sense of purpose to be given the opportunity to write or talk about matters that affect or inspire them.

This is especially true if it concerns principles they want to abide by.

This will give them a precious chance to recognise their own strengths and potentials. And to contemplate on ways they can act on them in real life.


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Expose them to various learning environments

The primary source of learning values and principles for your kids is through you and your family. But in order to broaden their perspective, your kids need to interact socially and learn in other environments as well.

They need to learn different ways of communicating with people, such as their teachers, peers and people with special needs.

Many child care centres focuses on incorporating more EQ-oriented activities to foster communication among children of different abilities and backgrounds.

Many institutions specialize in working with underprivileged children and always need more volunteers.

This kind of activity is an excellent chance for your teen to take part and help those kids develop their skills and improve their chances by learning new things and applying for high school scholarships. 

This will grant them access to better equipment and studies that would otherwise be out of their reach.


Teach them empathy and compassion

All kids are naturally curious and fascinated by the world in general. This is especially true with people who are somehow different; with a physical disability or developmental challenges.

Encourage them not to shy away from such an opportunity. Instead, try and establish contact so they can learn that people are all more alike than different.

Follow up these encounters with deep conversations regarding their experiences and you’ll give them a priceless opportunity to gain a better insight into human nature and, in that way, learn more about themselves and their own purpose in this world.

This will also encourage feelings of kindness and compassion in your teens instead of feelings of pity and rejection.


How to Encourage Teenagers to Gain Perspective and Find PurposePhoto credit Pexels

Be their role model

All learned behaviour stems from home. So as parents, strive to model empathy and all desired behaviour and your teens are likely to follow.

Join them in their volunteering work and suggest ways you can give your own contribution. Do this by organizing collections and fundraisers for the underprivileged and families in need.

Unfortunately, kids today are growing up in a violent society. So teaching them emotional intelligence and developing their feelings of self-purpose, compassion and empathy have never been more important.

Every day provides new learning opportunities that help teens learn how to cope with problems, failures and stress.

They will become adept at handling their own emotions, strengths and weaknesses. When we encourage teenagers to gain perspective they’ll become more understanding and compassionate towards others.

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