Five Tips For A Fun Family Vacation

Five Tips For A Fun Family Vacation

Five Tips For A Fun Family Vacation

Traveling with children is challenging, but can be a lot of fun if you take the time to get the basic needs met, and then let yourself go with the flow.  After all, our kids are only little once so let’s plan a little before our trip, then relax once we get there to make some once in a lifetime memories. Let the following tips guide you on your way to a happy vacation:

TIP ONE: No matter where you go, encourage the whole family to eat a full, nutritional breakfast.

If you plan ahead of time for this tip, you can ensure the kids get protein to keep the little ones full for longer than just a bowl of cereal.  Many Orlando hotels, including Walt Disney Resort hotels offer breakfasts with the room. I also like to personally pack trail mix with me in my purse wherever we go!Orlando

TIP TWO:  Always pack your own snacks for travel days.

Traveling days require an awful lot out of our kids.  They have to hurry up and wait all day long.  Instead of getting exasperated by price and poor timing of “I’m hungry” complaints, plan ahead for it and pack your own snacks.  You’ll also save a ton of money by bringing your own. However, if you have to make an on-the-go stop, still make those healthy decisions at fast food locations!

TIP THREE: Leave a “free day” at home at the end of the vacation before you have to be back to real life.

Traveling takes a lot out of you as the busy parent.  Instead of trying to throw yourself right back into work and school, give yourself a day to rest, do laundry and get your bearings.

TIP FOUR: Don’t forget that this is YOUR vacation, too!

It’s easy to get caught up in making sure the kids are having the most fun possible.  That is great, but don’t forget to take time for yourself and your honey.  Take turns watching the kids so you can each enjoy your own activities or hire a sitter to have a night out. Just the two of you.

TIP FIVE: Bring small, active toys for kids to use to get their energy out.

A frisbee, jumprope or ball can be a great distraction and use of energy while waiting around.  Once they get the wiggles out it will be much easier to be still while traveling.
At the end of the day the kids will remember you and how you felt more than what they ate or where they slept.  Use these Five Tips For A Fun Family Vacation and go with the flow and have a great trip!

Kendra Thornton ~Kendra


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