Summer Scavenger Hunts

Summer is right around the corner and it is going to be your job to entertain your kids all day… for two straight months. Are you ready?

Here is a great idea to keep you and your kids from getting on each other’s nerves. Summer Scavenger Hunts. There are so many different ways you could do this with your kids to keep it fresh and interesting.

Summer Scavenger Hunts

Summer Scavenger Hunts

I like to pair each scavenger hunt to a bag, or basket, something that they can use to hold the items they are collecting.

The dollar store often has plain white craft/gift bags that are perfect for this. You glue a page protector to the front to be able to reuse your bags, or simple glue over the previous scavenger hunt sheet to save on bags.

I have created a few summer scavenger hunts sheets for my readers to print and use at home that you are welcome to take a look at.

Color Scavenger Hunt

Decide on some colors, whether they be scribbled on the side of your gift bag or on a piece of paper, and head outside to find things that match those colors. You might be surprised at all the colors in your backyard.

Library Scavenger Hunt

We spend a lot of time at libraries – the best source for educational fun anytime of the year. Create a list of books to read though out the summer. It doesn’t have to include particular titles, but perhaps genres of books to find something new.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Sometimes it can be tricky to get your kids away from the TV or IPad and get them moving outside. Doing a nature scavenger hunt isn’t going to happen sitting on the couch!

Summer Scavenger Hunts


Simple Scavenger Hunt

If your kids are still a bit young, stick with simpler items to find. Similar to a color scavenger hunt, but also remember to keep to things that are going to be a bit lower that you may be used to looking. Like maybe look for a rock, a puddle, a flower, and so on.

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