Drug Rehabilitation Cost In Canada

The rising use of drug and alcohol abuse has seen the prevalence of drug rehabilitation centers increase so in this article we will review the Drug Rehabilitation Cost In Canada.

With over 8 million people in Canada struggling with drug addiction, the need for specialized rehabilitation centers is a need for concern in the country.

When it comes to drug abuse, the need to realize the addiction problem is usually the first step towards recovery.

However, drug addicts seldom come to this realization, unless prompted by their family, friends, or society.

This need for validation and responsibility is important in enabling an addict to make the right choices for his/her future.

Drug rehabilitation is one of the surest ways of dealing with addiction and seeking to assist drug addicts’ transition into a drug-free life.

The cost of rehabilitation centers can be costly as it involves several costs depending on the treatment process and the degree of addiction an individual has.

However, regardless of the individual budget, there is a center for everyone.

Examining these factors will give a clear guide on the cost expectations and considerations towards getting premium rehabilitation care on a budget regardless of location.

Diverse people meet, talk, get help and support, deal with psychological problems together. From above view young and senior patients listening to therapist, sitting in circle in group therapy session - Diverse people meet, talk, get help and support, deal with psychological problems together. From above view young and senior patients listening to therapist, sitting in circle in group therapy session

Factors affecting the cost of rehabilitation in Canada

Various factors affect the cost of rehabilitation centers in Canada:

Type of the center

The type of rehabilitation center greatly affects the costs that will eventually be garnered.

Inpatient centers are more expensive than outpatient ones due to the costs of housing and the intensive round the clock care.

Inpatient rehabilitation centers are designed for addicts who are not able to manage their addiction outside the confines of specialized treatment centers.

This specialized care ensures that the addict is observed throughout the stay, and provided with a variety of treatment options.

Outpatient treatment centers like addiction counseling, are most suitable for individuals with less severe forms of addiction.

In Canada, the average cost of inpatient centers ranges from $12,000 to $60,000 for sixty to ninety-day programs.

An outpatient center average is from $300 to $10,000.

Privately owned rehabilitation centers offer more in costs since they do not receive funding from the government.

Public rehabilitation centers receive funding and are therefore available to citizens.

However, the growing number of addiction cases has seen these centers become overcrowded, and therefore the waiting list might be longer than expected.

Public owned centers do not always offer inclusive and specialized care due to the many patients they face in a day.

Rehabilitation resources

The type of resources found in a rehabilitation center hugely affects the cost of the center.

For instance, some centers have standardized amenities that consist of private rooms, while others have scenic views, swimming pools, and recreational facilities.

These will cost more than the ones without recreational facilities as those come with an extra cost.

Location of the center

Different areas in Canada have different costs of living.

This greatly affects the rehabilitation centers based in these parts.

Therefore, it is best to consider the location of the center before registering for treatment.

All in all, almost all rehabilitation centers offer the same treatment and care.

Type of treatment

Addiction is treated using a variety of treatments all of which are structured to provide the best possible outcomes for addicts.

Therefore, the incorporation of different treatment techniques will greatly increase the cost of addiction treatment.

The types of treatments administered are usually dependent on the level of addiction.

For instance, detox centers cost from $1000 to $2500 depending on the severity of the drug involved.

The type of treatment affects the type of medication used.

Different drugs require stronger medication which might cost considerably more.

For instance, the medications used for heroin cost from $4000 and above depending on the location.

Duration of the treatment

The duration of treatment in the rehabilitation center affects the effectiveness of the treatment.

Addicts with severe cases require a longer time to overcome their addiction.

This requires an array of treatment plans specifically designed to guide them through their recovery.

As most rehabilitation centers charge costs per day, the rate of costs for severe cases is set to plummet considerably high the more the patient stays in the facility.

Insurance in drug rehabilitation

The influence of insurance companies in rehabilitation centers has offered tremendous support to individuals willing to access comprehensive treatment covers.

Therefore, various types of insurance cover treatment in rehabilitation centers which include private insurance companies and public ones.

Private insurance companies will often charge higher premiums than public insurance companies.

It is however best to check with your insurance provider whether they cover addiction treatments before starting treatment.

Not every individual has access to insurance plans.

Therefore, it is best to look for rehabilitation centers that offer suitable payment plans for their clients.

These payment plans are planed depending on the duration of the stay and the treatment options available.

Finding the right rehabilitation center

With the above information, it is essential to find the right rehabilitation program which caters to individual expectations and costs.

The results of addiction treatment further outweigh the costs.

Addiction is an expensive process with addicts spending a lot of money on drugs every year.

The high number of deaths as a result of drugs also sensitizes the need for rehabilitation centers.

The implications of drug addiction to the addict’s relationships, career, and finances further outweigh any costs of treatment in the treatment centers.

Therefore, the costs of rehabilitation centers should not deter the need for treatment.

Drug addiction comes with various hidden costs.

These costs might be visible to the addict but end up costing the individual significant money and time as opposed to living a drug-free life.

For instance, the implications of the drug habit can cost the addict’s family a lot of money during treatment.

Therefore, it is always advisable to seek treatment, and check out for suitable payment plans that will help in payment.

It is best to directly contact the rehabilitation center that you choose to get the exact figures of the treatment cost.

This will help in ensuring a clear and concise figure of the treatment based on the level of addiction of the patient, giving a more inclusive approach.

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