Tips for Offering Screen Time to Your Kids

Tips for Offering Screen Time to Your Kids

Growing up, there wasn’t a recommended time for “screen time.” The only screen that was available was the television. Times have changed and parents need to be pickier about how much time their children spend on the Internet and television.

Here are some tips for offering screen time to your kids.


Know your Kids

The one person that knows their child the best is YOU, the parent. You know your kids and how much screen time they can handle.

Obviously, a teenager is going to be able to handle more screen time than a toddler.

Put a Timer on it

If you’re going to allow your child to have screen time, a timer works wonders. Setting a timer for 20-30 minutes is a good starting point.

Maybe it’s not a bad idea to set a time for yourself (to help set a good example for your kiddos). Click this Link.

Try to Monitor the Best you can

The crazy thing about screen time is that it’s hard to monitor. All you can do is your best and don’t stress the rest. Keep an eye on your kid, especially as they get old.

Don’t ever feel as though monitoring is a BAD thing! Keeping your kids accountable is important.

Set some Family Rules

Another way to offer screen time to your kids and not feel bad about it is to set family rules. Rules help your kids to understand boundaries.

For example, kids should ASK before they get on the television, computer, tablet, or phone.


Offer your Kids Educational Screen Time

There is one app that I have we have downloaded for my kids because it’s educational. My kids love an app called ABCmouse.

We spend a few minutes every day doing ABCmouse.

My 4-year-old loves learning about his shapes, colors, and numbers. There is way more to ABCmouse than just this though. I can tell you my son is engaged in what he’s learning, which is great.

Here are some things I love about this program.

  • Skill focus – your kid can focus on one skill at a time. However, the games are interacting and fun for the kids.
  • The music is so much fun – My son personally loves listening to the music from ABCmouse. It’s catchy and he learns a lot from the tunes.
  • Skills are tracked – The app doesn’t just teach a skill and forget about it. The program tracks your child’s skills. It allows them to practice the skills they haven’t quite mastered yet.
  • It makes learning fun. What I’ve noticed is my kid doesn’t even know he is learning. He loves the program so much that learning is just a bonus

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Would you like to try out ABCmouse? I know you and your kids will love it. Try ABCmouse for free for 30 days.

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