Getting the Most from Fruit this Summer

Getting the Most From Fruit This Summer- What To Do to Get in More Nutrients From Common Fruits

Fresh locally grown fruit is essential in our summer diet.

There is nothing that tastes like summer more than the fresh Strawberries you buy from your local Grocery or Farmers Market.

They are filling without being too heavy, they have loads of water packed into them (which helps when summer heat depletes your hydration), and they help you lose weight.

Fruits are great for you! But if you aren’t eating enough, or eating them right, fruits won’t help you much.

These easy-to-follow tips will help you get the most out of the fruits you eat.


Drink Water

When you eat the fruit, drink at least 8 ounces of water with the fruit.

Drinking water helps your digestive system, which helps you absorb foods.

It only takes one cup to help your body quickly digest the fruit and the nutrients they pack.


Take a Daily Multivitamin

Daily vitamins can help you absorb nutrients in food much better and easier.

Take one each morning with breakfast to help it release slowly throughout the day, which helps all the food you eat digest better.


Include Citrus with your Normal Fruit intakes

Citrus fruit jump starts the metabolism, so add in a few slices of lemon, lime, oranges, and even kiwi to your fruit plate.

A mix of half a lemon, strawberries, and blackberries can make a wonderful lunch.

Also add citrus fruit to your water to flavor it and get more benefits from hydrating with good ol’ H2O.


Mix the Fruits with Vegetables

Instead of just vegetables in a salad, mix in fruits with your vegetables and experience something new and delicious.

The different acidic properties, nutrients, and metabolic boosts of the fruits and vegetables will help your body absorb both better.

Not to mention, the different colors, flavors and textures will help you stick with eating more vegetables and fruits because you won’t get bored with the foods.


Eat Yogurt with Probiotics

Probiotics help your body’s digestive system work properly, so if you want to absorb the most nutrients from your food – any food – eat probiotic yogurt at least once a day.

You can really absorb the benefits of fruit if you eat a serving of fruit with the probiotics.

The issue with probiotics is that you lose them daily, and some can make you sick.

You will need to do your research and possibly confer with your doctor on which would be best for you, if any, and you need to ingest them daily.

You can possibly get them in adequate amounts from vitamins if you don’t like yogurt.


Eat a Variety of Fruits

Don’t just eat bananas each morning, and apples with lunch.

That’s boring and your body will start to get used to the foods.

Wake up your system by eating a well-rounded variety of fruits (which is easily done during the summer), and eat at least three servings a day no matter the time of year.


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