Daytime Sleep Tips For Your Babies First Year – Video

Daytime Sleep Tips For Your Babies First Year



Have you wondered how long your newborn should be sleeping during the day?

Or if your 6 month old is taking enough naps? 

Daytime Sleep Tips For Your Babies First Year.

One of the most important considerations when establishing healthy sleep habits for your child is to ensure that they don’t become overtired.

This is true for both daytime and night time sleep.

Focusing on maximum awake periods will help to avoid difficulty when putting your child down.

These awake periods coincide with your child’s age.

Watch the following video to determine what will work best for your child.


Creating the Perfect Daytime Sleep Schedule

Considerations are; your child’s age, their unique sleep needs as some children can stay awake longer than others.

Fatigue is your worst enemy as you  do not want your child to become overtired because that will affect the quality of their day time sleep and rolls over to the quality of their night time sleep.

Keeping a sleep log can be as simple as keeping a pad of paper with a record of the date and time of the child’s awake time and the time they sleep.

Newborn’s should need a nap after 45 – 60 minutes awake, 3 – 6 months is 1 – 2 hours at a time which sets you up for a 3 nap schedule.

Learn more now – Check out the video below for Daytime sleep tips for you babies first year. 


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