A Baby Friendly Home: The Ultimate Re-modelling Guide

There’s plenty of things to do before your baby gains mobility but you need to consider creating a Baby Friendly home.

You need to undertake certain re-modelling projects that will help you make your home more enjoyable and comfortable for your growing family.

You also need to deal with different safety issues in order to keep your baby out of harm’s way.

Your to-do list might be overwhelming and stressful, but with the right approach, you’ll be able to effortlessly create a safe, healthy and happy home for your child.


There’s plenty of things to do before your baby gains mobility but you need to consider creating a Baby Friendly home.


Start by inspecting your home

Before undertaking specific re-modelling projects, you need to inspect your home thoroughly.

This will allow you to identify any problems that need to be addressed.

You should take some time to check each room in your home and make a list of all the issues you come across.

Once you do that, you should deal with one issue at a time to make this process less stressful and more organised.


Remove all the safety issues

There’s plenty of things to do before your baby gains mobility but you need to consider creating a Baby Friendly home.


You’d be surprised by how many safety hazards are hiding in your home.

You need to eliminate electrical issues, such as open outlets, exposed wires and cords, easily accessible electrical appliances, etc.

Trips and falls are also a major safety risk that you should deal with.

Necessary steps to create a baby friendly home like installing window locks and guards, introducing staircase safety gates and firmly attaching furniture pieces such as shelves, bookcases and TV sets to your walls.

Furthermore, you should eliminate all the choking, strangulation and suffocation hazards from your living space.

Pay special attention to window blind cords, small toys and figurines, stuffed toys placed in the crib, etc.

Try to see your home from a kid’s perspective and remove anything that might be interesting, yet dangerous for them to explore.


Come up with a functional design

You also need to improve the functionality of your home in order to make it more enjoyable.

Once your new family member arrives, there will be a lot of clutter around because you won’t be able to tidy up all the time.

The space should provide you with the greatest level of convenience and functionality.

You should come up with a functional layout that will keep all the baby supplies and paraphernalia within your easy reach.

Have everything neatly organised and ready, and try to return everything to its place to control the mess.


Prepare your bathroom

There’s plenty of things to do before your baby gains mobility but you need to consider creating a Baby Friendly home.


The bathroom is an important area for nurturing your baby, so you need to prepare it and stock it up with all the necessary supplies.

Interior designers are trying to create a balance between adult-inspired features and kids’ design.

That’s why kid-friendly bathrooms are both stylish and playful in homes.

For instance, diverse and modern bathroom supplies are paired with colorful accents, which creates a truly inspiring look that both adults and children can enjoy.

Aside from introducing a pop of color to your elegant bathroom, you also need to stock it up with bathing products and other baby supplies.

Make sure that you introduce a storage solution for your child that they’ll be able to use later on.

You also need to baby-proof the bathroom, lock the medicine cabinet, install safety locks and anti-scald devices.


Pay attention to the kitchen dangers

You need to deal with certain hazards in the kitchen, as well.

As one of the family areas, it should feature a cozy, warm and inviting look.

You should rethink your space in a way that will meet your needs.

Covering the garbage disposal, removing dangerous utensils and keeping dangerous appliances out of your kid’s reach is essential.

You should always unplug your appliances and place covers on stove knobs.

As your baby starts to grow up, make sure to teach them about safety in the kitchen and other areas.


Make your living room more enjoyable

Not only do you have to remove all the safety hazards from your living room, but you also need to cozy it up and make it a baby friendly home.

Pick functional furniture with round edges and soft upholstery materials that will keep your baby safe and comfy.

It’s also advisable that you choose stain-resistant materials that are easy to clean and maintain.

You should also cover your floors in the living room and other rooms in your home with soft area rugs and carpets.

However, keep in mind that floor coverings collect dirt and dust and contain high levels of chemicals.

Therefore, it’s advisable that you pick rugs and carpets made of safe natural materials and clean them thoroughly and regularly.


Set up the perfect nursery

There’s plenty of things to do before your baby gains mobility but you need to consider creating a Baby Friendly home.


When it comes to the nursery, you should go with a playful, cozy design that will grow with your child.

Sticking to baby- and kid-sized furniture and other solutions will force you to buy new ones in a few years.

You should go for a changing table that can be used as a dresser later on. You should make the nursery open, airy and cheerful.

Eliminate all the possible dangers and implement solutions that will provide your child with comfort, safety and inspiration.

You need to provide your baby with a safe, enjoyable and healthy living environment where they can grow and develop and implementing these tips will help you achieve this.


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