An Overview of the high potent A-Dub Cannabis Strain

A-Dub is known as a compelling and forceful Indica-dominant hybrid als know as high potent A-Dub Cannabis Strain.

It is a genetic offspring made up of Sour Bubble, Chemdawg, Alien Dawg, and Sour Diesel crossing.

A-Dub is known for its high potency among its users.

The result of using the A-Dub strain is a nice balance of cerebral effect that generates a creative and euphoric buzz, which works wonderfully when it comes to expressing individual creativity.

A Dub strain has been recently termed as one of the strongest strains on earth.

When it comes to potency levels, some A-Dub brands have higher levels of THC as compared to other brands of the A Dub strain.


An Overview of the high potent A-Dub Cannabis Strain


A-Dub is an extremely strong hybrid that has a knockout blow, which also gives momentary relief from continuous pain and aches.

Therefore, A-Dub makes other addictive medication useless as it provides universal relief to the people who suffer due to joint and muscle soreness, emotional dejection, and other daily discomforts.

Profile and Characteristics of the A-Dub Strain

This Indica-dominant hybrid also goes by the name of ‘A-Dubb.’ It was originated in California, United States.

The average THC level of this strain is about 30.31%.

For the price of 70 Canadian Dollars, this cannabis strain can get you quite high.



The A-Dub is a 50-50 hybrid of both the Sativa and Indica as it maintains all of their physical qualities.

They seemingly have an appearance that consists of sparkling incandescent trichomes; hence this strain is quite popular among its users.



The A-Dub strain straddles the genetic line between the solid Indica and the sweet Sativa, with its density falling firmly in the Indica range.

These little buds are dense and almost impenetrable and they need the right set of proper tools when they need to be dissected in order to use them for smoking.



When the A-Dub strain is inhaled for the first time, the earth-fueled smell mixed with the scent of fresh ground pepper takes over the senses.

With its irresistible fragrance, the subtle earthy scent of the A-Dub maintains its blend of black pepper and herbal citrus as it ignites the senses after the first relaxing hit.



The flavour of the A-Dub cannabis is filled with peppery tones during the inhale and citrus musk once you exhale.

This strain gains more flavour when it gets closer to your fingers.

Just like an expensive bottle of champagne or a great piece of steak, people should know their limits and when to indulge in more of the finer things in life.



With THC levels that are around 30.31%, the A-Dub is quite an effective strain.

Some people tap out just halfway through their first joint.

The potency level of the A-Dub strain is not to be matched with other strains.


Background Of The Strain

Due to the genetic combination of Chemdawg, Alien Dawg, Sour Bubble, and Sour Diesel, the A-Dub strain is known as the genetic monster of the cannabis world.


Medicinal Usage

The A-Dub strain is a therapeutic and healing form of cannabis that works great when it is used in the nighttime.

It can also be used by people who suffer from anxiety and depression.

Hence, the usage of the A-Dub cannabis strain also helps in alleviating headaches that are caused due to stress by just taking a couple of hits.

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