Ways to Help Your Yoga Clothes Last Longer

All the wear from the studio to your daily routine can quickly diminish the quality of your clothing. Here are some tips and ways to help your yoga clothes last longer

The latest yoga trend is actually not in the latest innovation in studio equipment or a new incorporation to the traditional vinyasa flow.

The latest yogi trend has to do with investing in high quality yoga clothes.

High quality Yoga Clothes can seamlessly take you from the studio to work or dinner with friends.

An increased interest in “athleisure” wear is taking over closests of fitness fiends and the novice as well.

In 2015, Americans spent almost $44 billion on “active wear” and the number continued to increase in recent years.

Luxury athleisure wear brands have created clothing that is not only breathable but also flexible for the yoga studio and for your day-to-day activities.

However, all the wear from the studio to your daily routine can quickly diminish the quality of your clothing.

Here are some tips and ways to help your yoga clothes last longer:


Invest in Organic Clothing

Clothing made from organic fabrics are often more expensive.

But they are worth the investment as they are constructed to withstand more wear and tear.

The main concern with overwearing yoga clothing is that they become misshapen and thin.

However, with organic fabrics clothing pieces are built to withstand friction from mats and sweat.

In addition, by purchasing organic yoga clothing you get the additional benefits of investing in organic fabrics such as environmental concerns.


Don’t Let it Stay in your Gym Bag

Simpler ways to help your Yoga clothes last longer; remove it from your gym bag. 

By leaving your clothing in your bag you are essentially suffocating the fabric.

Make sure to dry out and let the fabric breath right after your routine.

This can also help prevent trapping bacteria in the material that could cause a bad smell.


Skip Fabric Softener

Your first inclination is to use fabric softener to prevent your new yoga pants from getting stiff in the wash.

Skip the softener as it can do more damage than good.

According to PopSugar, fabric softeners contains materials that can coat the fibers in the fabric and prevent the fabric from managing moisture as well as reduce its ability to help regulate your body temperature.


Ways to Help Your Yoga Clothes Last Longer


Wash Inside Out

If you begin to notice your clothing is starting to acquire a smelly odor you may need to start washing your clothing inside out.

Dirt, sweat, oils, and bacteria accumulate on the inside of your clothing.

Thus, turning your clothes inside out before throwing them in the wash can help target those odor causing issues.

Washing your yoga clothes inside out can also help protect the clothing while in the wash.

The more delicate materials used in Yoga clothing tend to line the top layer of the clothing such as straps and mesh materials.


Consider Line Drying

One of the main concerns of washing high quality yoga clothing is having them become misshapen in the wash.

Using a dryer even with low heat can cause the fibers in the material to work adversely and loose shape.

Instead line or hang dry your clothing to maintain their shape.

Especially with yoga pants you will want to hang them horizontally so that the water weight does not elongate the material while line drying.


Buying high quality yoga clothing is an investment and they should be washed with care.

Can you share ways to help your Yoga clothes last longer?

Although it may take much more time and care than your street clothing to wash, taking the time to wash them carefully will ensure that your investment can last you years worth of yoga routines.

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