7 Digital Tools For Effective Homeschooling

Homeschooling is the ideal option for most parents and utilizing digital tools for effective homeschooling is critical.

7 Digital Tools For Effective Homeschooling

Just as there are several reasons students seek paper writing help, parents also have their reasons for homeschooling their kids.

But as a parent have you ever thought of taking advantage of digital tools to make learning more effective for your kids?

It could be a wise decision especially when you are not satisfied with your kids’ performance.

Without wasting time, here are 7 Digital Tools For Effective Homeschooling we think can make the experience great for you and your kids.

Check them out!

Chore Pad

The right motivation can help your kids learn effectively and give their best.

Ordinarily, most kids perceive learning to be a boring task and would rather spend time on things that are pleasurable.

The best you can do in this regard is to restore their motivation.

That is where apps like Chore Pad become relevant.

With this app, you can assign and also track tasks assigned to your kids.

It is that simple.

It also has a way of motivating kids as they continue learning.

For instance, kids are awarded stars for tasks which they complete.

They will receive a reward after accumulating enough stars.

7 Digital Tools For Effective Homeschooling

Typing Master

Help your kids stay motivated and learn effectively by using the right technology.

Kids prefer typing to writing even though writing is what they need to develop more at their level.

However, there is nothing wrong with developing their typing skills.

There are technologies you can use to achieve this.

Developing excellent typing skills at a tender age will be beneficial for their future jobs.

Typing Master makes learning keyboarding skills fun.

Kids that love gaming will love using it.

They can play diverse keyboard games and test their typing accuracy and speed.


As you plan on homeschooling your kids, find a suitable way to manage the numerous files, images, notes, and tasks that would be assigned to your kids.

Evernote is an incredible management tool.

You can use it to save notes, files, images, and synchronize with other devices for easy access.

While using this management tool for homeschooling, you can save your lesson plans, set goals and deadlines.

7 Digital Tools For Effective Homeschooling


Parents need something to help them plan, organize and schedule events with ease while homeschooling their kids.

There are myriads of digital homeschooling tools and apps that can help.

They make homeschooling a breeze for parents and their children.

LifeTopix is one of the apps designed to make homeschooling and handling other areas of life simple.

It comes with features that make it possible for users to manage 12 different areas of life such as appointments, events, lists, shopping, finances, health and education which is one of the most important.

It is incredible knowing that you can manage many aspects of your life with just one app. 

So once you have this app, there might be no need to have too many on your device since it can handle most of the things others can do.

The education aspect of LifeTopix is great for lesson planning as well as scheduling.

It is also compatible with apps like Dropbox and Evernote.


Homeschooled kids understand easily and develop more interest in learning when you teach with practicals, real-life examples, and images.

These are important to help them understand abstract topics and concepts, such as the planet and other science-related areas.

Here is why tools like SeeMeEducate come in handy.

You can use it for 3D printing of objects which makes them look real.

Whether you are teaching geometry, history, chemistry or explaining things about the planets, 3D printing offered by SeeMeEducate will enable you to pass on the knowledge with ease.

Kids can develop skills in 3D technology and not only to understand difficult concepts using this tool.

For instance, you can use this technology to teach them how machine and software operations are carried out by showing them various 3D prints of the processes.

According to Pick 3D Printer These Are The Top Reasons Why You Should Own a 3D Printer in Your Home.

7 Digital Tools For Effective Homeschooling


There is growing concern among educationists and parents on the productive time kids spend on digital devices.

These things take most of their time and interest to learn.

Your duty as a parent or teacher should also include guiding them from spending most of their time on digital devices chatting with friends and view things online.

That is where tools like FamilyTime are needed.

You can use this app to set screen time limits and lock your kids’ phone whenever they have homework or other important tasks to do.

And if you have apps you do not want your kids to access on their devices, you can use FamilyTime to block them.

Screen Time

There are apps that let you monitor the way your kids use digital services, but Screen Time offers more.

This app can help you encourage your kids to learn and develop healthy media habits without you doing much.

For instance, you can set media allowance for your kids, whereby they get rewarded with screen time for chores or good behaviours they exhibit.

Screen Time also helps parents to encourage their kids to devote more time to other important activities, even without their parents interfering.

They are made to do so willingly.


There are myriads of digital tools for homeschooling, but we believe these 7 Digital Tools For Effective Homeschooling have proven to be more effective.

However, the right digital tools can make the process interesting for parents and their kids.

Most kids learn better when the process is made interesting. 

You can make that happen by using the right digital tools.

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