Information Security Within a Company

An organization is always at risk when it comes to cyber-attacks.

Not only is it crucial to protect the information stored within its systems, but an organization needs to maintain a level of trust when it comes to clients and their information.

It’s a team effort, meaning they’re a lot of people who work tirelessly to ensure the company’s systems remain secure and up to date – here are some of those crucial and totally underrated roles.

Information Security Within a Company

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The certified ethical hacker may sound like a big bad bully, but it’s quite the opposite.

These highly skilled individuals are hired by a company to constantly test its systems by allowing them to hack into their systems – sounds weird right?

Well, by doing this, the certified ethical hacker (CEH) can pinpoint exactly where the vulnerabilities in the company’s systems lie by acting as if he were a criminal launching a cyber attack.

After the CEH has tested the systems, he draws up a report that lists the vulnerabilities according to three risk categories – critical, medium risk, and low risk.

This report is then handed down to the CISSP, which takes it from there.


CISSP is short for Certified Information System security specialists.

This particular individual handles the system’s security after the CEH has audited it by simulating the cyber attack.

The CISSP takes the report that has been drawn up by the CEH and strengthens the system’s security by eradicating all the weaknesses pointed out by the CEH.

This will not only ensure the stability of the information security, but will also keep the system up to date with any new developments or trends that may pop up in terms of cybercriminal behavior.

Being a CISSP is a big deal, and obtaining the certificate by participating in the Best CISSP training courses can really secure a job for you, as they are very high in demand right now.


Short for Certified Information Security Manager, this person is qualified to create and manage an entire information security program.

Highly sought after as well, this individual acquires the knowledge needed to complete their everyday tasks by receiving an advanced certification after lots of hard work, real experience, and hundreds (if not thousands) of hours of studying.

To qualify for the exams, the individual needs to have at least two years of experience in the field and also score a minimum of 450 out of 800 on the exams.

Needless to say, the person who receives his advanced certification will be more than capable of handling any task thrown his way.

Sometimes people forget the amount of work and effort that goes into running a secure and well-organized information security system, but it’s people like the ones listed above that

really keep the ship afloat and the entire company safe and secure.

Choosing any one of the above as a career path would definitely be something worth looking into.

But, be ready for lots of hard work, long hours, and also a pretty satisfying feeling once completed.

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