10 Things I Learned from Homeschooling My Two Children

10 Things I Learned from Homeschooling My Two Children

This year is the first year that I had two kids in our homeschool. Two kids officially homeschooling according to the school board paperwork that I have to submit each year.

So it was interesting that I can write about 10 things I learned from Homeschooling my two children.

I admit, I was nervous at the beginning of the year but here we are the end of the year and I learned a lot from homeschooling my two children.

10 Things I Learned from Homeschooling My Two Children

  1. They drive each to do more. They are always competing even though they are in different grades.
  2. Someone always needs me to “help”.
  3. I have so much more respect for teachers with 20+ students trying to get and keep their attention all day.
  4. Just how smart they are. Sometimes our kids try to play down their abilities. Watching my oldest “teach” her sister something new is an amazing way to see just what she knows.
  5. Play is educational. They are practicing skills when they play. Skills such as sharing, reading, manners, and more.
  6. Socializing my kids is super simple when other people stop asking questions and just let us (my children) be. My eight year can hold a conversation with an adult better than some teenagers can, because they are interacting with people of all ages all the time.
  7. They are learning everywhere. After a few unplanned trips to the vet, they have learned a lot about different animals and the care they require. They are learning at the grocery store, because there are words everywhere.
  8. We don’t need fancy books, or pencils, crayons, or whatever. My kids are low maintenance when it comes to their education. They can learn in the yard with rocks and sticks and don’t need fancy counting blocks which is great for my homeschooling budget.
  9. They need routine. Their behaviours when we aren’t doing school is unbelievable. My husband actually thought they were acting up on the weekends because he was home, but no, it’s because we didn’t stick to our routine. Breakfast, dressed, teeth brushed, etc, and straight into school work/book work.
  10. How much I love teaching them new concepts, and watching it click. That is, without a doubt my second favorite part of homeschooling.

My absolute favorite thing about homeschooling is their sibling relationship. A relationship that I hope will continue to be this close and strong as they grow into adults.

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