10 Activities for a Week at Grandma’s


In preparation for a visit we came up with 10 Activities for A Week at Grandma's

My husband has rather suddenly been sent on a 10-week trip for work so to make our kid’s time away perfect we came up with – 10 Activities for a Week at Grandma’s.

I’m going out to join him for two weeks halfway through, but my children won’t be able to go. 

Grandma and Auntie are gearing up for the ultimate marathon sleepover, and I want to do everything I can to make it easier.

10 Activities for A Week at Grandma’s

So I created a plan for 10 Activities for a Week at Grandma’s.

At home, I’ve found that certain new activities can give me a break because they keep the kiddos occupied longer. 

Sometimes outings can help motivate good behavior. 

I’m planning to wrap up a daily activity for my kids and their cousins to open, and I’m planning to keep the cost low

Here are some of my ideas Activities for A Week at Grandma’s.

Play Dough: 

Play dough usually gives us an hour of joyful play. 

Four for a dollar at Target.  :]  Or make your own—there are so many fun variations on Pinterest. 

 Play dough is awesome as one of 10 Activities for A Week at Grandma's

Dress Up Clothes: 

I’m planning to cull rarely used hats and scarves and other clothes from the family closets.  This was a favorite activity for us as children. 

 Mommy and Me Movie: 

Our local cinema has a free Mommy and Me movie every other week, so for that day, I thought I’d make up some “Admit One” pretend tickets for them to open.

Cookie Mix: 

Auntie said she’d enjoy making cookies with them, and who doesn’t love cookies.  :] I am going to prepare the mix, so all Auntie needs to do is add the wet ingredients.

Making it simple, yet fun! 

Treasure Map: 

This one may be a bit too ambitious, but I thought it would be fun to make a “treasure map” of the house for them to figure out. 

I have no idea what the treasure should be, though.  

Children’s  Museum: 

We have a membership to the Children’s Museum and I talked my sister into getting one for her family too…hee hee, now they can all go for no additional cost one day. 

This is so popular with my kids that it ranks on the “A” list for 10 Activities for a Week at Grandma’s

Activities for A Week at Grandma's

Kid’s Cook:  

I’d like to find some fun recipes—you know, shake it, stir it, decorate it—for a meal, and package up the ingredients for one day’s activities.  

Blanket Fort in a Box: 

Blankets, pillows, clothespins, and maybe some pictures for inspiration should make this a lot of fun. 

Seed Starting: 

Spring is coming [really, it is.]  It will be a little early, but they could try getting some seeds early for our garden, or even just our windowsill. 

New Books: 

My children love to look at books; they don’t have to be new, as long as they are new to them. Read these interesting articles, How to Keep your Kids occupied on Vacation and The Summer Technology Contract every Family Needs.

One of the 10 Activities for A Week at Grandma's

Have you had to leave your children for an extended period?  How did you help them [and Grandma] deal with it? What do you like about this article 10 Activities for a Week at Grandma’s ?

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