5 Easy Tips to Compost and Keep Your Trash From Landfills

Compost and Keep Your Trash From Landfills

Starting a new compost pile can be a fast, easy project, but many people that are new to composting often feel overwhelmed.

This is the right thing to do; Compost and Keep Your Trash From Landfills.

If you want to start a compost pile but just don’t know how, check out these tips to get you started and to make it easy to do.

You can keep a lot of trash from ending up in landfills with just a little effort on your part. Compost and Keep Your Trash From Landfills.

Know What to Put in and Leave out 

Make a list of all the foods and sites that can go into compost.

This would include coffee grounds, banana peels, apple cores, newspapers, yard clippings, and so forth.

Look for long lists of these on many composting and eco-friendly sites. Afterward, make a list of things you cannot place in compost.

These would include many citrus fruits, metals, and meats.

Keeping these handy will help you when knowing what to do with your trash and what you can toss in the compost bin. 

Turning Compost is Optional

I have been told that you need to turn the compost to give it oxygen to help it break down faster, but it isn’t necessary.

You can place it in a bin and shake the bin, if you are working in a small space, you can close it all up and let it ferment in dirt.

If your pile is outside, you don’t have to worry about covering it if you don’t want. Just choose a space that works for you and make it happen!

You don’t have to Separate Compounds

Leaves, grass, and pine straw can all go in with banana peels, apple cores, and other fruit bits.

Many people separate them until they start to decompose, but you don’t have to.

Just toss them all in one pile and water it, then let it go! It’s really as simple as that. 

Use Unexpected Items

Have fish? Algae and seaweed make excellent compost materials!

Have old school paper from your child’s send home work?

White paper is great in breaking down compost.

Get creative and look for new things to add to compost that would otherwise end up in the trash. 

Use an Indoor Compost Bin

In winter, use a covered bin indoors to keep the compost pile going.

This will keep your trash out of landfills even in the colder months and it will provide you with great compost for spring planting.

Do you have a plan for Composting? Please share your experiences with Composting (good or bad) below!

Check out what the City of Markham has to say about Composting so you can Compost and Keep Your Trash From Landfills.

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