Taking a Momcation

Taking a Momcation

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I love everything about travel, but I never realized how having children would transform my idea of vacation. Traveling with kids is, as every mom knows, not easy living. It can be a ton of fun, and I love introducing my kids to places I love or discovering new places together. However, you carry all the responsibilities of home along with some extra ones, like packing up and keeping track of everything. It’s great, but it’s exhausting.

My husband has been sent on a ten-week work trip, and in a few days, I will fly out to join him for about two weeks. Now, we tried to take the kids on this trip. Back in October, we drove halfway across the country so that we could all go. We spent most of our travel dollars then. However, 20+ hours of driving into it, my husband was called back home. Now, three months later, they’ve changed their minds again. This indecision isn’t something we wanted to subject our children to again. However, it’s a long time to be apart.

Initially, I thought I would go out for about five days, but I realized that I could catch him over a long weekend if I went for two weeks. Because of ticket prices and other factors, I had to chose between long or short. A wise friend advised me to go for the two weeks.

At first I felt a little guilty.

Was this…allowed?
Surely not.

But as anticipation built, I began to feel the weight of responsibility lift, and I realized how worn down I had become.

I don’t think this decision would be right for every family. In fact, the friend who advised me thought it would not be right for hers at all. But, as she pointed out, my kids are used to staying at Grandma’s and are pretty independent. They will enjoy their “long sleepover” and, hopefully, enjoy their rejuvenated Mumma. I’ll check back in after the trip to say if I still think it was the right choice. 😀

I never thought I’d have a chance like this, and you may not either. Try to get a good break for yourself, though. Maybe you can put aside all but essential chores for a few days and read a book from start to finish. [Thanks for that idea, Tessa at Aimed At The Heart.]

What other ideas do you have for a “momcation”, even if you don’t go anywhere?

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