5 Things Moms Should Do Alone

Moms give everything to their kids, and their families in general. You’ve probably heard the quote “you can’t pour from an empty cup”, meaning that Moms need to take care of themselves, have some alone time to do with you enjoy. We outline some wonderful things Moms should do alone. Take time to think, or wipe your mind of trouble or stress.

Things Moms Should Do Alone

Things Moms Should Do Alone

Read a Book

We’re reading children’s books all the time, we can probably recite some of them. Grab a book that a friend has recommended, sit in quiet corner and read. Lock yourself in the bathroom or a bedroom, and enjoy reading a book that you don’t have to read out loud.

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Go for a Walk/Run

If you need to clear your head, a walk or run, can definitely get the job done. If I can’t do anything else alone, this is my choice every time. Maybe a walk or run isn’t your favorite option, but exercise alone can be beneficial for clearing your mind, for putting you in a better mood.

Watch a Movie

Put your kids to bed, pop some popcorn, and settle down to watch a good movie. Put on some comfy clothes, maybe grab a glass of wine, and settle down for a good movie. I prefer tear jerkers, as long as hubby is somewhere else so he’s not laughing.

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Go Somewhere Alone

Go to a local coffee shop and drink a hot cup of coffee without anyone bugging or interrupting you. Take a book to enjoy, take some work if you must. Just enjoy being alone for a little bit.

Get Pampered

It’s time to treat yourself so go to a spa and have a massage. Or get your nails done. Something that makes you feel better, something that is just for you. I make a spa for myself at home. Check out my at home spa tips. These are some great things Moms should do alone.

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