Why Nursing is a Good Career Choice for Moms

Nursing provides a unique set of benefits for mothers that almost no other career offers.

Why Nursing is a Good Career Choice for Moms

From transferable skills to schedule flexibility and good pay, scroll down below to find out more!

Why Nursing is a Good Career Choice for Moms

Mother Mastery

Whether you are already an experienced nurse looking to specialize, or a prospective nurse freshly graduated from Bradley University, one thing is certain: many mothering skills can easily translate over into key nursing qualities, giving mothers a distinct advantage as nurses.

Communication skills are an important part of a nurse’s skillset – it is also a skill many mothers master over time.

From the very first attachment-building moments with their babies, to communicating with teachers and doctors on behalf of their children later, mothers naturally develop a distinct ability for communicating information clearly and efficiently.

This presents itself as an invaluable skill for nurses, allowing them to provide the best care possible for the patient.

Mothers also show a wide range of empathetic skills – being able to comfort their child after a scrape or fall might be instinctive, yet it is a talent that is key to nursing practices.

Moreover, moms are also apt at using supervisory skills – always looking out for their child helps when they must monitor patients, a primary task for nurses.


Flexible Schedule, Full-Time Job

Nursing, despite being a full-time commitment, is widely known for its flexible scheduling.

Mothers can choose to work night shifts and spend the day with their children, or instead opt to work several days and then have a few days off after.

No matter your choice, however, arrangements can always be made to ensure you never run out of options – in this sense, nursing is one of the few jobs that can easily allow a mother to easily balance both their professional life and their life as a parent.


What About The Pay?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that, for 2017, the median pay for registered nurses was $70,000 per year ($33.65/hour).

That would be enough for a single mother to support a family on her own in most cases and would make a healthy contribution to household finances in the case of a married woman.

Nevertheless, nursing allows women to enjoy a relatively high level of financial independence.

Moreover, for more specialized roles such as nurse anesthetists, the pay is even higher at $110,930 per year ($53.33/hour).

The growth rate in this sector is almost four times the national average, too, at 31%.

In other words, nursing jobs are in demand and there are plenty of job opportunities out there for all kinds of nursing roles.

Unlike other vocations, you can easily find a perfect role for you in nursing.


To Sum It Up…

Nursing is arguably one of the best career choices for mothers, as it provides an amenable schedule coupled with good pay.

It also makes use of innate child-rearing skills, allowing moms to excel in this field and have the possibility of quick advancement and a plethora of job opportunities open to them.

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