Genetically Modified Organisms: What exactly is GMO?

What exactly is GMO?

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We have all heard the news and ballot measures focusing on our need to know about GMO food products. Do you really know what GMO is? I am not a political person nor do I work or sponsor any GMO legislations. What exactly is GMO? I am a Mom, a well-educated Mom that did my own research on what all the buzz was about. This article is just meant to list facts and answer your questions. Not to persuade you one way or the other! 

What exactly is GMO?

Genetically Modified Organisms. Genes of living organisms (animals/plants) are broken or spliced and inserted in that space is DNA from a different species. Do you feel like you are back in science class? Take a look at the photo below from This is a good example. This creates instability in the organism and this new modified DNA is not meant to be in the link, so no one really knows the true extent of damage or alteration.

What is being inserted into our animals and crops?

Herbicides. Why? It’s cheap. GMO’s are a result of chemical agriculture-NOT the organic agriculture we are used to from our ancestors who managed without such herbicides. When you feed a GMO product to yourself or family, you and no one else exactly knows what mutation is in the food. No one can tell you how much mutation-could be minor, could be major and what the effects are because science simply has no idea what exactly is GMO.



What about the Farmers?

Most commercial Farms will use these Ready Round Up products as an easy weed control and Bt seeds for insect control. Other Farms may use them to make environment that otherwise is not a harbor for a certain crop become one. One example of this is the GMO required for Papaya growth in Hawaii. Some Farms may use non-GMO on some crops, but use GMO chemicals on others. The concern is the run off from the GMO crops into the non-GMO crops. 

If I want to avoid GMO, where do I turn?

First is I like to rely on my local farms for produce for several reasons. I like to help my local community and I feel I am supporting local by buying from the Farm. You can ask-they have to tell you! Ask your local Farm what they use and on what products. And you get the freshest of the fresh! The crops at the highest risk of being genetically engineered are: alfalfa, Corn, Flax, Rice, Sugar Beets, Yellow Summer Squash, Canola, Cotton, Papaya, Soy, Zucchini, Wheat as well as Milk, Meat, Eggs and Honey/bee products. Always ask or look for the GMO certified stickers on your meat and dairy products in store to help you learn what exactly is GMO.

What You Really Need to Understand

The main idea trying to be taught about what exactly is GMO is that our crops that we and animals we use for meats or dairy eat have been genetically engineered and no one knows the effects. Most developed nations do not consider GMO safe. Japan, Australia and all European countries have outright bans or significant restrictions on GMO use. These countries understand what exactly is GMO. Finally, why do we allow it in the US? Get this (and I promise, this is no lie) it is because we go off studies conducted by the same corporations that created and profit from their sale.

Professionals Linking GMO to Disorders? 

Many professionals are trying real hard and seem to be getting very close to linking GMO with some popular disorders that just simply were not huge issues before chemicals were allowed in our foods to this extent. One disorder highly suspicious of being linked to GMO is Autism. Another are severe allergies and intestinal disorders. Let me leave you with this point; the number one company responsible for allocating Farmers with GMO seeds and sprays is Round Up. Do you know what Round up does when it is ingested by an insect? It explodes their stomach and intestines from the inside out! Their gut literally explodes! So let’s take that Round Up and spray our crops, pick them, rinse them under water and eat them. Yum!! I do not think so!

Not a Sponsor

So, I am not a sponsor, but I give you a link to an excellent video to help you understand GMO. This is a snippet of a download you can purchase for under $3 and it is the most profound video I have ever seen. I downloaded it and absolutely loved it and learned so much! It is called Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of our Lives and watch the trailer to the documentary by Clicking HERE

In conclusion, we hope this article has been helpful and provides some insight to the question – What exactly is GMO?

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